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Anger and how it affects our work 1. Angry people never lead normal lives. The weakness of people is their anger. Anger is something that transcends any harmful disease. Actually, they're not wrong about that, their situations make them angry because they can't deal with this ridiculous world.Nobody can understand your feelings. Sometimes anger is very dangerous. There is no medicine for anger. 2. Anger is a kind of suicide.Every time we are angry, anger burns within you at that very moment. Anger grows when we experience certain emotions like fear when we have lost someone or sadness because those feelings are the ones you cannot control. These feelings subconsciously turn into anger. When we are angry, it hurts you so much and you confuse everything and everyone.

3 .We tend to get angry at those who don't behave the way we want them to. This is the reality of our anger. When someone doesn't behave the way we want, when someone doesn't help you in times of need, we get angry with them. It is not necessary for someone to behave and do as we want every time. It is our point of view when we look at situations.We cannot control anyone by our perspective. 4. Anger has the ability to destroy anything in a minute. Sometimes when we're angry, we don't know what to say or what to do. We only know these things when someone hurts you, but our immediate reaction is you never realize what you're doing.You can destroy anything with your words and actions. After that we realized that we did something wrong, but there's nothing we can do about it. So try to figure out your anger.

So far we have learned how anger affects us and our work. But let me tell you a secret of anger and success.Yes, there are certainly so many problems that arise from anger. But when we're angry about real things, our mistakes, then the anger isn't bad at all. Anger will force you to do this and that for a better life. So it's okay when you're angry, you can't control your anger, just try to use your anger to grow, not to get depressed. People will say that you are angry and negative, but you have to compromise. Yes, I am angry, but one day my anger will be the reason for my success.Don't try to deal with your anger, but deal with your peace. We never control our anger. Yes, after so many times of practices,we can somehow control it. But the best way is to try to deal with our peace instead of anger. It's easy instead of dealing with anger.You can either keep your peace or keep your anger. Since you can't, the best way is to try to deal with our peace instead of anger. I suggest you try to settle your peace.

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