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Armed Forces Flag Day

As we gear up to celebrate the special day for this year, here are a few things that we must keep in mind about Armed Forces Flag Day.

Armed Forces Flag Day 2023:-

The armed forces of the country are our strength. They stand at the borders and put their lives in the line to ensure that the countrymen have a good sleep. They fight the enemies with bravery and valour and sometimes become martyrs just to serve the nation. Portraying their love for the country, the armed forces prioritise the country and the people before anything else, even their own lives. Every year, Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated to collect funds for the betterment of the forces and pay our respects to the ones who laid their lives while protecting the country.

Since 1949, 7th December is observed as the Armed Forces Flag Day throughout the country to honour the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly fought & continue to fight on our borders to safeguard the country's honour. Soldiers are one of the greatest assets of any country. They are the guardians of the nation and protect its citizens at all costs. To fulfil their duties, soldiers havesacrificed a lot of things in their lives. The country is forever indebted tothese gallant heroes who lay down their lives in the service towards the motherland.

It is our duty to not only show our admiration for the martyrs and the living heroes who were wounded while doing their duties but also their families who have been a crucial part of this sacrifice. Apart from Government measures at the Centre and the State level, it is the collective duty of every citizen of our country to make his/her unstinted and voluntary contribution towards providing care, support, rehabilitation and financial aid. Flag Day brings to the forefront our commitment of looking after our war disabled Soldiers, Veer Naris and the families of Martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country.


Every year, Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on December 7. This year, the special day falls on Thursday.


On August 28, 1949, the Ministry of Defence announced that December 7 will be celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day to honour the soldiers, sailors and airmen. It also urges people to collect funds for providing for the betterment of the armed forces by selling badges and stickers. On this day, people come together to explore rehabilitation options for war victims and well-being of ex-servicemen personnel.


People come together on this day to sell coupon flags, stickers, and other items all over the country to gather funds for the betterment of the armed forces. The solvers, sailors and airmen of the country put their lives in line to keep us safe. We should ensure that we do out bit to thank them for their contribution. On this day, people pay respects to the martyrs, and assist in providing welfare and support to the men in army, navy and air force of the country.

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