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Banu described Kumar as a very lively person and a foodie who had a devotion for simple clothes.

Mohammed Yusuf Khan, better known by his stage name Dilip Kumar, was an Indian actor who worked in Hindi cinema. Credited with pioneering method acting in cinema, he dominated the Indian movie scene from the late 1940s throughout the 1960s, being referred to as "Abhinay Samrat" by the audience.

Dilip Kumar, popularly called the Tragedy King, is credited to be among the greatest actors ever to have graced Indian cinema. Born as Muhammad Yusuf Khan, he adopted the screen name Dilip Kumar in keeping up with the traditions of early Hindi filmdom.

The iconic actor has had a long and illustrious career spanning over five decades and is considered one of the foremost figures of the Golden Era of Indian Cinema.

He entered the world of Hindi cinema during the 1940s when Bollywood was still in its infancy. His foray into acting was by chance, he actually started out as a canteen owner when a chance encounter with the actress Devika Rani resulted in a film offer.

Even though his debut film did not do well, he soon established himself as an emotive character actor by the end of the decade. In spite of his being a versatile actor who has played several different characters with the same intensity and effectiveness.

He is best known for portraying tragic roles in films like Jogan, Deedar and Devdas, which earned him the title Tragedy King. Dilip Kumar has the distinction of being the first actor to receive a Filmfare Best Actor Award, an award which he won eight times throughout his career. He passed away of 7th July 2021.

Why is Dilip Kumar so famous?

Kumar holds the record for most wins for the Filmfare Award for Best Actor (eight, which was later equalled by Shah Rukh Khan) and was also the inaugural recipient of the award. He holds the best box-office record for a star (male or female) in Hindi cinema with over eighty-percent box-office successes.

How many wives did Dilip Kumar had?

Dilip Kumar had six sisters: Fauzia Khan, Sakina Khan, Taj Khan, Farida Khan, Saeeda Khan, and Akhtar Asif. He got married to film actress Saira Banu on 11 October 1966. In 1980, he got married to Asma Rehman. He has no child.

Why did Dilip Kumar have no child?

Banu and Kumar don't have a child. In his biography Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow, he revealed that Saira Banu had conceived in 1972. However, due to high blood pressure in her eighth month of pregnancy, the baby couldn't be saved. It got strangulated

by the umbilical cord.

What is the salary of Dilip Kumar?

He reached the top within a decade and reportedly became the first Bollywood actor to earn Rs 1 lakh per movie.

Who is king of film industry?

Since past 25 Years the biggest stardom WW belongs to the one and only K I N G Shah Rukh Khan. The most Known face of Indian Film Industry. Icon of Indian Cinema. Almost every young actor \ actress loved srk the most over any other actor.

How is Dilip Kumar so rich?

This amount, when converted to INR is over Rs 627 crores. The major source of Dilip Kumar's income is through acting. He has also been a member of Parliament. Dilip Kumar is the first actor to charge Rs 1 lakh per film back in the 1950s.

Dilip Kumar 99th birthday and A day of quiet remembrance for Saira Banu.

Remembering the past birthdays of Kumar, one of Hindi cinema's biggest icons known for films like "Mughal-e-Azam", "Devdas", "Naya Daur" and "Ram Aur Shyam", Banu said the house used to be filled with flowers and colourful bouquets as wishes came pouring from his fans in India and around the globe.

"The house would be full of flowers, there were times when bouquets would be on all the floors, steps and everywhere in the house and we would not have enough room for it. It used to be that wonderful. He was so loved by people. He still is," she said.

Banu described Kumar as a very lively person and a foodie who had a penchant for simple clothes and loved sports.

The 77-year-old veteran said Kumar loved his simple white cotton clothes with white footwear for everyday wear, though he had many beautiful suits and shirts.

"He was very much into good clothing. And good food and he was a marvelous cook too. Whenever he would want to, he would try (to make) new things like soup and other items," she said.

Banu said the late star shared a great bond with children and had his own tricks to entertain them.

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