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Bihar Day, also known as Bihar Diwas, occurs annually on March 22, In the Indian state of Bihar.

Bihar Day, also known as Bihar Diwas, occurs annually on March 22. In the Indian state of Bihar, it is celebrated as a public holiday. On this day, the state of Bihar was established.

How is the holiday celebrated?

Bihar Diwas, which commemorates the founding day of the east Indian state of Bihar, is celebrated with great love and joy. On March 22, 1912, British India created the state of Bihar from the Bengal Presidency. As part of this breakup, Orissa also became a state. The festival for this celebration began in 2011 and from that point forward it has turned into a state celebration loaded with merriments and enthusiasm that portrays the picture and soul of Bihar. The state celebrates this holiday by hosting lavish celebrations and cultural extravaganzas in which a large number of people take part. Bihar Utsav, a celebration of the state's foundation day, is also organized by the Bihar State Government. At Dilli Haat in Delhi, the people of Bihar hold a cultural festival called Bihar Utsav. During this event, the state's citizens showcase the culture, art, and heritage of Bihar.

Bihar Day is celebrated in 2023 to commemorate the British's establishment of the state of Bihar. In 1912, the British took over the Bengal Presidency and established Bihar. The state of Bihar observes a public holiday on this day every year. Work and study are prohibited at all federal and state government offices, businesses, and educational institutions. There are a lot of multicultural programs and events. Bihar Diwas is celebrated in many Indian and international cities, as well as in Bihar. The date of Bihar Diwas is March 22. The following contains comprehensive Bihar Day information:

Bihar Day commemorates the day that the Bengal presidency established the state of Bihar in 1912 and is celebrated as Bihar Day. Bihar observes it as a public holiday and celebrates it annually. Although the history of Bihar Diwas dates back to 1912, the official celebration of the day, complete with a variety of activities, only began in 2011. In 2010, the government of Bihar decided to hold a number of events and programs to commemorate the state's formation day. The goal was to rekindle the people of the state's pride in their homeland and instill in them the sense of pride that comes from being a Bihari.

The Mughal king Shah Alam II, the Nawab of Bengal, and the Nawab of Awadh fought the East India Company under Hector Munro at the Battle of Buxar in 1764. The battle's name comes from Buxar, where it was fought. The Mughals and Nawabs were defeated by the East India Company in this battle, which resulted in them losing control of their territories. The Diwani rights, or the authority to manage and collect revenues, were granted to the East India Company. The present-day states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, and Bangladesh were formerly known as the Bengal presidency.

When Thomas Gibson Carmichael became governor of the Bengal presidency on March 21, 1912, he made the announcement that the Bengal presidency would be divided into four parts: Bengal, Assam, Orissa, and Bihar. As a result, the state of Bihar was created on March 22, 1912. Individuals had failed to remember the Historical backdrop of Bihar Diwas, so Bihar Diwas was being praised not as an occasion but rather as an event for holding and meeting up.

When is Bihar Day Celebrated? Every year on the same day, Bihar Diwas is celebrated to commemorate the day that Bihar became a state. Bihar diwas date 2021 is 22nd Walk.

Where to Go and How to Celebrate Bihar Day: Bihar Diwas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and skill. To commemorate this day, the central government, educational institutions, the Bihar state governments, as well as various organizations and locals, organize numerous cultural and eventful programs. Even at the panchayat (villages and towns) level, gala events and cultural extravaganzas are held to increase local participation in celebrations and improve Bihar's image.

Many Indian cities celebrate the Bihar Sthapna Diwas festival. Patna and other well-known cities in Bihar are best known for their celebrations of Bihar Diwas. During Bihar Sthapna Diwas, you should visit the following locations: 1) Patna. Patna is the center of all Bihar Diwas celebrations around the world. Cultural events, camps for blood and eye donations, folk dances, sports, and other competitive events are among the celebrations, programs, and events that take place. Celebrities from Bollywood, including actors and singers, take part in some celebrations. Similar occasions occur in Gaya, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga, Bhagal Pur, and Patna.

2) In Delhi, the "Bihar Utsav" at Dilli Haat is a cultural event that lasts two weeks and showcases the art, heritage, culture, craft, and food of Bihar. The city also hosts additional celebrations of Bihar Sthapna Diwas.

3) Mumbai: The metropolitan area hosts numerous competitions, film screenings, and other events, which highlight the traditions, arts, culture, and history of Bihar.

4) To commemorate the day, numerous cultural and sporting competitions, singing and dancing performances, and other events are held in Chennai. The state's art, culture, history, and most recent developments are showcased in a variety of exhibitions.

5) Bengaluru: Throughout the city, a variety of celebrations are held, including competitions and stalls selling Bihari delicacies and performing folk dances and songs.

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The celebration of the 110th Foundation Day of the state was opened by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on March 22, 2022, at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.

important points At this time, a laser show featuring the map of Bihar and Bihar's cultural pride was put on with the help of 500 drones. In addition, the message on drug addiction and environmental protection was delivered.

Importantly, the British established a new province called "Bihar" independently of Bengal on March 22, 1912.

In 1905, the Swadeshi protest movement against the partition of Bengal led to the formation of Bihar and Assam and the abolition of the partition.

A brand-new state known as "Jharkhand" was established independently of Bihar in the year 2000.

Day of the Bihar Foundation (Bihar Diwas): On March 22, 1912, the state of Bihar separated from the province of Bengal and became an independent state. The 110-year history of the state of Bihar is over. Additionally, on March 22, Bihar Day, the entire state of Bihar observes a grand celebration.

Special for Bihar Foundation Day: On March 22, the state of Bihar celebrated 110 years in existence. Every year on March 22, the Bihar government celebrates Bihar Diwas. After being separated from Bengal Province and becoming an independent state, Bihar was established in 1912. From that point forward till now, Bihar has soaked up numerous accounts and episodes inside itself. In these 110 years, Bihar has undergone a lot of change.

The tradition of celebrating Bihar Day was initiated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Bihar Day was first organized in 2010 by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. This was organized with the intention of introducing the people of Bihar to the state's glorious and prosperous history.

After three years, a three-day Patna Bihar Day program is being celebrated once more. Corona prevented the event from taking place in previous years. The event, titled "Water life and greenery," will run for three days at Patna's Gandhi Maidan. In which vivid projects will be introduced as well as many kinds of projects will be shown.

Crown eliminated in the program

The Bihar Day program was not coordinated throughout the previous three years. Due to the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the Bihar Day program was postponed. Because of Corona, the Bihar Day program was not held in 2020 and 2021. The occasion is being celebrated grandly this year.

In the program, more than one artist will perform, including Kailash, Sukhwinder, and Rekha Bhardwaj. The program will be introduced by well known artist Kailash Kher. Sukhwinder Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj, Ahmed, and Mohd Hussain will perform ghazals. Blazer Fusion will be presented by Sunanda Sharma and Bandish, in addition to local artists who have also been given a chance to perform in Bihar Divas. The program will also include science exhibitions. Additionally, the functions of Bihar Diwas include 18 government departments.

The celebrations of Bihar Day are being held by a total of 18 departments of the Bihar Government. Agriculture, disaster management, energy, industry, public health, engineering, rural development, tourism, health, women's development corporation, transportation, environment, forest and climate change, Beltron, bihar renewable energy development agency, animal husbandry, labor resources, and public education department of education

Some crucial frequently asked questions: What day in Indian history is March 22?

Bihar Day is also observed on March 22. In 1912, the British separated the state from Bengal on this day. World Water Day is observed on March 22 as well. The day is used to promote sustainable freshwater resource management. When is Bihar Day observed or celebrated?

Every year on March 22, Bihar Day commemorates the state of Bihar's founding. In 1912, the British separated the state from Bengal on this day. In Bihar, the day is a public holiday. During Nitish Kumar's administration, the Bihar Government started and celebrated Bihar Day on a large scale.

When is Bihar Diwas celebrated?

To commemorate Bihar's separation from the Bengal Presidency in 1912 is the correct response. The day of Bihar's founding, March 22, is celebrated as "Bihar Diwas." Relevance in the past: King George V was crowned in Delhi in 1911, and British India moved its capital there.

Why do people celebrate Bihar Diwas?

Every year, on March 22, Bihar Diwas is celebrated to commemorate the 1912 establishment of the state of Bihar from the Bengal presidency. Bihar observes a public holiday on this day. The Bihar Diwas's main theme this year is "Yuva Shakti ki Pragati."

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