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Continue....Problems Faced By Writers

We've discussed five major problems faced by writers, but there are just as many problems as these. But let's try to find a solution so that we can continue writing to overcome these problems.

1. Thinking: - Yes, when we are caught between mind and heart we cannot feel our content, so we can read our previous motivational writings. If we feel that we cannot feel the content at that moment, we should read our previous motivational or happy writings instead of seeing someone's motivational speech or something.In difficult times we should focus on our things because in difficult situations when we look at others we may feel depressed after seeing their progress. Humans have a little jealous behavior and that's true. Infact when we read our own things we feel motivated after seeing.

2. Typing and writing: - There is something hidden in our writing that means our feelings that we cannot share with others. So we can write in a diary and the rest of the content means we know full well that we have to publish it so we can write on a mobile. And if the writing is already in a book that we want to publish, we can write a page every day because if we pay someone to write, they will work without feeling and it will not bring good results. So it's better to write one or two pages a day.

3. Publishing :- In my opinion you should try to make your own website instead of relying on anyone. Because when we depend on someone we have to obey their rules and often they delete our content or block us without notice. Some websites are too slow to publish content. So I recommend watch a video on YouTube on how to make a website and trying it out for yourself.

4. Promotions:- This is a big problem because there are so many talents and skills. So it's very difficult to just go in one direction. Some promoters take so much money for promotions. Like Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads. And we have no money to pay them. So try to keep writing and posting, take part in daily challenges, get involved in a free anthology, or something they don't take money. We can even suggest to our friends and family to keep sharing our writings, but it won't help us much because everyone is busy in their lives. So keep writing for that. One day you will definitely get a good appreciation, but please don't give up.

5. Money:- There are some people who offer part time writing jobs so we can do that and make some money. From this profit we can publish our books.Instead of asking our family, we need to be independent. Little by little we will get used to all our efforts. We can earn and pay for our own stuff.

I hope that this blog will be useful for future authors. There are many things, but these are the most important ones for the writers. So don't worry about anything because one day every second of hard work will pay off !

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