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Don't let the negativity control you

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Don't Let The Negativity Control You

We always hear about negativity. So what is the true meaning of negativity?

Negativity is when we want to start something new but don't have the courage to start with confidence. We all have an unknown fear of losing something at some point. So negativity means fear of losing something.It can be the time, the person, the object, our loved ones or anything that is important to us. Mostly negativity came to mind because of the three pillars of life. past, present and future. So let's see how negativity controls us.

1.Past: - Sometimes our past has the greatest ability to destroy our present and future. Our past is the only thing that makes us depressed or motivated. When we have received some appreciation, we will automatically work for the future as if our past was very bad, so often that negativity stays in our mind.

2. Present: - Most of the time the present is based on the past or the future.Ninety-nine percent (99%) of people live in the past or in the future. Nobody really lives in the present. Basically, some reflections on the past and fear or dreams about the future create negativity in your mind.

3. Future: - People only have one thing with us and that is HOPE for a better future.Most of the time we are praying or giving advice to someone who will be the best tomorrow. But every time we prepare for the future, some bad things will try to control us, but we must not give priority to these bad things, because we must understand that if we work for a better future, then this will be it Word of negativity or fear should not rule us. only in one way. Sometimes we feel irritation or unknown fear of

future dreams.

So most of the time negativity comes from these 3 pillars of life. So here are some points can keep you away from negativity.

1. Daily Affirmations: - Many people believe in routine. Whatever we hear throughout the day that is reflected in our lives. So in the morning we need to hear something good or encouraging, and in the evening a sense of peace and gratitude for this life. If we focus on these affirmations daily, our thoughts will be positive, but we must try until our last breath.I am sure these affirmations have the power to control negativity.

(suggestions:- You can watch famous Youtuber Sandeep Maheshwari Sir Affirmations, Gratitude and Affirmations before sleep morning video).

2. Keep updating yourself: - Often we are not very aware of unknown bad situation. Some situation came up suddenly and forced you to be negative.But we must be prepared for any problem at any time. We need to update ourselves with positivity and good thinking for others and that will help us grow more. Once we are ready to face any problem, once we have the attitude to whatever may come, I will never feel down. our attitude is the foundation of positivity, and once our attitude combines with the positivity, negativity will never imagine to touch you.

3.Prayer:- It is not about religious purposes,But Prayer is the most powerful weapon to kill any bad thoughts or negativity from our heart. Prayer is unpredictable. Prayer calms the heart and then we look at the world as it is not as what we want.

These are the three points that are the best key to changing yourself from negativity and as we all know meditation and exercise also help us avoid negativity but I think it's not something we do every day.So let's try to apply and remember don't let negativity or anything control you. Be yourself !

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