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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Little bit about CEO and Founder

hey guys, what's up. welcome to Minorstudy. Dr. Ravi Razz [CEO and Founder of Minorstudy]. Recently I am not a professional but I loved to do it from my bottom of my heart. I am a CEO and FOUNDER, teacher, student, blogger, affiliate marketer, and an online entrepreneur, here, I want to do something for our parents, society and country and for the world "empower the real meaning of education throughout the world" and help people to make the easier way to see and live the journey of life and make the better way of survival through the real education.

Something Reason Behind to start Minorstudy

I want to accept the way to provide free and empower the real meaning of education through the Minorstudy. or we can say as much as possible at low cost. A step for better world. hey, let me talk about myself, I'm Dr. Ravi Razz. The part -time worker [CEO, Founder at Minorstudy ], blogger, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur and youtuber. who loves to empower the real meaning of education through the minorstudy and loves to be CEO at minorstudy. please send email us for better world.

I'm from Bihar [India] and by Qualification, I'm still a studying guy [student] but a passionate CEO and Founder and affiliate marketer etc. by bottom of my heart.

CURRENTLY, I'm Running my many other affiliate blogs and sites etc. and earning a decent amount of money from that yes. lets talk about this minorstudy:-

I started this from Minorstudy but later on, suddenly changed my mind and mindset due to some reason and I made a foundation that name is minorstudy foundation and again changes and named Minorstudy and still is going name that is Minorstudy and to empower the real meaning of education throughout the world. then again changed my mind and again named from minorstudy foundation to minorstudy.

Minorstudy is the platform for future generation and so called upcoming generation. that guides by the this platform to become a better human guy and empower the real meaning of education. in this minorstudy, we give you free of cost and to provide equal education throughout the world.

and much other stuff that you should also learn free education and be a good guy. in this online world and grow your skills through our minorstudy.

this minorstudy helps you to seriously. grow your thinking power 24 hours energetic. and help you to generate the right amount of energy for being a good human guy. [but if you work hard and you don't smart work] in this changing to virtual world then you should know that work hard is not equal to 100, work smart equal to 100, you know that in 2019 education has suddenly changed into virtual online education, so tuff so to the virtual education in this world. you need some robust strategies which will help you for good guy. so, we are here to help you with this? minorstudy that is minorstudy. I started this minorstudy on [27 dec 2019] for helping new upcoming generation and newbie baby to empower the real meaning of education throughout the world and try to help them to scale there through minorstudy and beyond ,i share the best strategies. which will make you good human guy and to understand the real meaning of education. which and how can being the drastic change.


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