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Be Fearless In P

ursuing Your Dream

I want to start today's blog with my recent quote

“The fear of losing should not arise when you are trying to pursue your dreams”

It means that it is ours Behavior could be changed to follow our dream. We feel like we are losing attention from our friends or family but we have to think that we are only doing it for them because if we fulfill our dream we will have the power to change the conditions. If we are afraid of losing then we are not on the right path towards our dreams. So, here in this blog, let's try to understand how to overcome this fear and keep trying to achieve our dream.

To overcome something, we need a lot of time and practice.So how do we overcome the fear of losing while chasing our dream?

1. Why? :- If something doubts you at this moment, we have to ask ourselves, why am I doing this? Why am I afraid of losing something?When our why is clear, we don't have to try very hard. In a very short time we can achieve it, but just a question to ourselves, why?

2. Time and value: - Everyone knows how much time they have, so why do we waste time on people or things because we are falsely afraid of losing them? These are real in your life, they will never leave you, they want to see you succeed.So there is no reason to be afraid. Fear simply wastes our time and effort. Time is the best answer to our successes and failures.

These two are the most important things to overcome any fear. Just ask yourself these two things and you will slowly be on the right track of your dreams.

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