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Education is a never ending process

Education is a learning process. In today's era Education means wherever we can learn and obtain degrees called education. But in ancient times there was the Gurukul system. There they not only teach book knowledge but also teach how to behave, how to live life etc. Education is an endless process no matter we get the knowledge from books, teachers, parents, friends or anything in this world.You have already learned many things for education, so I won't repeat it to you, but let's try to understand the true meaning of education. Since our childhood, our parents expect to see one of their children as a great person in the world. Their thought is like whatever problem we faced in life due to lack of education, our kids won't face it anyway. After birth, when we are between 3 and 4 years old, our parents send us to school. Then Senior KG, Junior KG, Class 1 till College. It is very good faith to send your child to school and colleges. But at the same time, parents need to understand the true meaning of education. Sending to schools and colleges doesn't get their job done. You expect teachers to take care of everything, but that time teachers will do partiality. Let me explain what I'm saying. Suppose when your child is a good in studies, teachers will guide them, help them and , then you will be happy and satisfied.But if your child is not scholarly or average and they cannot do well at that time, they will complain and offend your child too. And since they complained, you will surely scold and insult your child again and again. But that's not part of education. Education makes work easier for people. Education creates real talent. If the person is talented in an area other than book knowledge, that person is also said to be just educated. Why have people forgotten their talents? Every day we see on the news that the girl killed herself because she failed the board exams.This boy killed himself because he failed the entrance exams. In PG people also commit suicide due to frustration of known fear of parents, teachers, so-called society, friends etc. If you can't clear that exam means you will not able to do anything in life? If you don't speak English or a specific language that everyone knows, you'll never be successful. This hard mentality that was only created by these educated bookish people. Even if after a few years the person is more educated through bookish knowledge, this boy who is now a man will throw the parents out of the house, they think they have higher education, but if this person does not know the importance of discipline, good sacrament. then this bookish knowledge will be useless. What will you do with such studies? So, in short, education is a learning things, but not getting the book knowledge. Education creates talent in the world. So follow your talent and do what makes you happy. I hope that the term education is now clear to you.

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