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English as a Global language

Globally, English is the most popular language, spoken in almost all countries. According to the statistics, nearly half of the world’s population is well-versed in this language. It is proved by many native and non-native speakers that English is an efficient language worldwide. Moreover, compared to other languages, English is easier to learn. For example, unlike Chinese, the English alphabet has only 26 letters that form words, and several English words are borrowed from other languages.

English is the language of technology, so knowing English is necessary to make the best use of the internet. It also makes tourism easy, as it helps better understand the people. Also, any international meeting will probably be done in English. This essay will discuss why English is considered a global language.

Why Is English a Global Language?

English is considered a global language because it is spoken and understood at an international level by a wide variety of people. Globally, English has the most speakers who speak it either as a first or second language.

We can see a strong link between dominance and cultural power in languages. English, as a language, became famous because of its power base, whether political, economic or military.

English language derivation occurred from German, Latin, and other European languages. Due to this, Europeans don’t consider English a complex language to learn. Also, according to linguists, English became a global language due to its simplicity.

English script in Latin appears less complicated to learn and recognise by people. Also, like other languages such as Turkish or Korean, English pronunciation is not so complex and is easy to understand.

Generally, if we observe closely, the difficulty level of a particular language varies from person to person. It also depends on the culture the individual belongs to. For example, A person from Korea will find the Japanese language less complicated than a Britisher because of the similarities between Korean and Japanese cultures.

The language, English, should not be alien or unknown to any community. Learning English was not a big deal during British rule, as most people from different cultures became familiar with the language.

Future of English as a Global Language


Nowadays, primary-level to higher-level education mostly uses English as the medium of instruction.

The English language is considered a global language. So, in most countries, education will be delivered in English. Students will read and write their field of interest in English. The English language will replace the arts, culture and science stream of education.


Globally, education is provided in the English language, due to which all variations of research-based education and projects are based on this language. Scientific, technical and medical research all depend on the English language. Nowadays, research-based learning is imperative in all education streams, and the medium should be English.

To Access Knowledge

In the modern era of technology, people approach the internet to get information about the smallest things possible. So, gradually, the English language has proved its strong presence globally, and people have started to access related content written in the English language.

Informative Sources

All kinds of information are available in the form of books, newspapers, specific topic-based print content, etc. There are various resources available online as well, and they can be accessed for free.

Conclusion of the Essay on English as a Global Language

English is the most helpful language globally, and its “universal language” status proves that fact. Learning anything new can be time-consuming. However, irrespective of where you come from, learning English will open an array of opportunities for you.

It’s always good to learn a new language. English is the business language, so learning English will make the road ahead more accessible for you if you want to start a business. We can safely say that learning English will add value to your life with all that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions on English as a Global Language Essay


Why is English considered a global language?

The majority of the world’s population can speak and understand the English language. Also, this language is considered easy to learn when compared to other languages.


How many countries have recognised English as the official language?

English is recognised as the official language in 67 different countries, as well as in 27 non-sovereign entities.


Who is the Father of the English language?

Geoffrey Chaucer, born sometime between the year 1340-1344, is known to be the Father of the English language.

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