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Every year, World UFO Day is observed to raise awareness of UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

Every year, World UFO Day is observed to raise awareness of UFOs (unidentified flying objects). The primary objective of the day is to recognize the existence of UFOs. In the past, people celebrated this day on two distinct dates: some did so on June 24 and others did so on July 2. World UFO Day was officially established on July 2 later.

What is an UFO?

An unidentified flying object known as a UFO is typically regarded as an anomaly that cannot be determined.

UFO is an item overhead that isn't recognizable as any known item or even a characteristic peculiarity.

The United States Air Force first gave the term "UFO" its name in 1953 to keep track of and look back on any official reports of flying objects.

The significance of World UFO Day is that it is observed to raise awareness of the undeniable existence of UFOs and intelligent beings from space.

People who believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and aliens are encouraged to come together and celebrate their unity on this day.

On this day, the group also takes stock of the evidence they've presented to support the existence of aliens.

The primary goal of World UFO Day is to encourage governments around the world to share information about UFO sightings and related events.

Everybody is encouraged to take a moment to reflect on the possibility that we are not the only ones in the universe on this day.

Why did World UFO Day fall on two distinct days?

Earlier, a number of people celebrated June 24, the day that aviator Kenneth Arnold first reported seeing a UFO in the United States.

UFO sightings reported by Kenneth Arnold: An American pilot named Kenneth Arnold claimed on June 24, 1947, while flying near Mount Rainier, Washington, that he saw nine unidentified objects flying one behind the other.

The first of these theories about Earth-bound alien objects was Arnold's claim.

The Arnold case was officially classified as a "mirage" by the US Air Force because it was the first time such an object was observed and there was no evidence to support it.

On July 2, 1947, some people observed the day that the alleged Roswell UFO crash took place.

1947's Roswell incident: A crash in New Mexico in July 1947 near Roswell sparked the idea that the object was a "flying disc."

It was the first known "UFO crash" outside a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, and it was the most popular UFO story.

Until the US military intervened and made it clear that the debris came from a crashed experimental weather balloon, conspiracy theories about alien invasions prevailed.

The World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) later declared July 2 as World UFO Day.

What is the celebration for World UFO Day?

On World UFO Day, people gather to look for UFOs in the sky.

UFO lovers assembled all over the planet in known UFO areas of interest like Roswell, New Mexico and offer stories, offer help for different devotees, and watch in the night about UFOs.

The World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) celebrates the day by spreading the idea that humans are not the only beings in the universe and raising awareness about UFOs.

Questions and Answers regarding World UFO Day, Question 1. When is World UFO Day celebrated?

World UFO Day is commended authoritatively on second July. However, some people celebrated it on June 24 in honor of Kenneth Arnold's 1947 UFO sighting. The purpose of UFO Day is to spread the word about UFOs and encourage governments around the world to share what they know about them.

Q.2. When was the inaugural celebration of World UFO Day?

In 2001, Haktan Akdogan, a UFO researcher, established the first World UFO Day. Presently, individuals all around the world observe UFO Day yearly by sky-observing together and firing up discussions about UFO sightings.

Q.3. World UFO Day is observed on which of the following dates?

In the past, World UFO Day was observed on two distinct days. It was celebrated by some on June 24 and by others on July 2. However, after a few years, the date of July 2 was recognized as World UFO Day.

Q.4. What is World UFO Day's purpose?

World UFO Day aims to raise public awareness of and appreciation for the existence of UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects. Additionally, UFO enthusiasts gather on this day to discuss their fascination with UFOs.

Q.5. What organization designated July 2 as World UFO Day?

The World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) declared July 2 as World UFO Day officially. Prior to that, UFO Day was observed on two distinct dates, on June 24 and July 2. It is now observed officially on July 2nd.

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