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Expectations Mean Suicide

We have so many expectations of our family, friends, or sometimes someone we don't even know, that we expect them doing what we want. Expectations are the most dangerous thing for ourselves. Hope and expectations are different things. When we talk

about expectations, it means blind dependence on someone. The root cause of everything is expectations.Today in this blog we are going to talk about when we are expecting for someone and how painful it will be if they don't finish. So before you expect anything, you must read this blog. 1. Ignorance :- If you attach so much importance to someone, he will not break you, but while waiting for someone you break yourself. Every second you will kill yourself. It will hurt, it will break you and that person will never see your pain, neither your family nor your friends. you will be alone. This situation will be the worst situation of your life. For them, ignorance is bliss, but for you, ignorance will be the most dangerous.

2. Lying: - When you expect something, you lie to yourself for the sake of others. If you ask this person with ignorance, they will lie to you, but you know the truth. It's the most painful feeling in the world. 3. Create dishonesty: - When your expectations are broken, you can no longer trust them. If you try, you won't be able to trust them either. Expectations create the big dishonesty. 4. Mental Attack:- When you know that someone is ignoring you and breaking your expectations of that moment, you will be subjected to a mental attack. You will not express this feeling to anyone. You can't talk, you can't work, just the thoughts that break expectations will keep coming.You will be unhappy forever after breaking expectations.

I know a lot of you can relate to that because today people just run in the race of life. We will never imagine that breaking someone's expectations is very painful. We don't misunderstand them, but still this feeling is so painful. It doesn't matter how successful we are, but if we start waiting for someone, just adding that I'm waiting means I'm killing myself. No one can meet the expectations of others because we don't meet ours either. So how can others ? expectations means killing !

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