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Friendship is a Heaven

Most people have friends. For all of them, friendship means above all having fun with them, do parties, sharing some happiness and sandness, sharing some unspeakable feelings, etc. But if someone asks me 2 months ago, Friendship is when you need your friend and if they help you it means they are true friends and if they don't help you it means they are just like that so called friends.

But now in my opinion,

Friendship means always seeing your friend happy,

friendship means having great faith in your friend,

(note: - I wrote Faith Not Expectations),

friendship, when your friend sends a message and shows you some achievements of his/her life

when you upload something it is your friend who encourages you. It can also be bad, but they always want to appreciate you.

When it's dark everywhere, but you know your friend can't help you with that, but you believe he's there, he wants to see you succeed. So it's an automatic motivation.

When you know he's busy but you are always sharing your thoughts and always trying to disturb him (Well, that's a funny thing about friendship).

Friendship is an untold blessing from God.

*I don't need a thousand "friends" around me, nor a hundred around me, not even ten around me.I just need one true friend who will stand by me.*

This is a very famous quote, but I want to add one thing here: Friendship is a blessing. Not all of us have this blessing, but those have this blessing. You are indeed lucky. Having a true friend means having heaven around you.So friendship is a heaven because when you are with your friend you feel the real heaven. And if for some reason you are not with your friend at this time, just pray for him. Because friendship is an unconditional. It's not about being together, it's about being real in all the situation s.

Hope everyone will get their true friend and they never loss them.

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