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How to be the team of Minorstudy, in writing category and earn and enjoy your life.

When you get in touch with the Minorstudy Team and by accepting our terms and conditions and for your accepted, respective job.

Then the next steps are for you and in the writing category and earn and enjoy your life. Now, are you happy to be the part of the Minorstudy team, then follow our next steps, for your better tomorrow.

Now, we will talk about the writing category, how to be the writer at the platform of Minorstudy.

Firstly, give your email id to the Minorstudy Team for your accepted and respective job.

Now, you will get the links from the Minorstudy team at the submitted or given email id.

Now, you have to open your emails and accept the links that was send by the Minorstudy team for your respective job.

How to sign up/ sign in to the writer's account on your Minorstudy?

Step 1:- sign in/ sign up to the respective email that you have given to the Minorstudy team.

Then add your name, images and other information to your created account.

Now, I think your account has been created and now you will be excited to know more, then follow the next steps and you will get options to write the blogs to the respective category. Now the next step is here, From here, you have to open Google and search @minorstudy or simply Minorstudy, then you will find our official website, there you will see the blogs option, then click on the blogs option.

Now, you are the part of our Minorstudy team, for better tomorrow, enjoy your space and permission for your respective category.

Here, are images type steps for your better understanding and easy way to follow your respective job.

For mobiles version steps are given below:-

Steps 1:-

Steps 2:-

Steps 3:-

Steps 4:-

Steps 5:-

Steps 6:-

Steps 7:-

Desktop version steps are here and enjoy with your space and permission with the desktop version:-

Steps 1:-

Steps 2:-

Steps 3:-

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