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How to deal with boredom?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

How to deal with boredom

First, let's try to understand what real boredom is?

Boredom means feeling tired, disinterested, a little lazy, etc. Sometimes we are on the right track with our work and suddenly we get a strange feeling, which is also boredom.

Why are we bored?

We humans change all the time over time. Sometimes we feel happy or sometimes unhappy. There is no particular reason for this, but our daily work reflects this. Mainly we focus on our dreams, but this time we forgot to do some daily exercises for the mind. Boredom arises because we keep thinking about dreams and all things work related, but when our mind is tired it needs something good besides work and when we don't give that to our mind we feel disinterested.

Our mind is like a garden. We must decide what plant we must cultivate in our mind. Then we must give daily water and the necessary conditions for the growth of the seed. Likewise, our minds want some good things on a daily basis, which we can build up with practice on a regular basis. The gardener knows very well that if I water seeds that need at least that much time to grow, we should try to understand if we start work today, then it takes a lot of time.So we have to work daily to our mind and if we do this continuously we will never feel bored or if we feel that we can get rid of it easily.

It's a bit of a lengthy process, so what can we do to act quickly?

1. Good Thoughts:- If we only think about what is good for ourselves and others we sometimes feel discouraged, but if we constantly do good and think well, our subconscious will automatically work on it.

Every good or bad thought that comes because we plant it in our subconscious mind. So we have to recognize which thought is good and which thought should not come to mind.We can do this with daily practice and then we get rid of boredom easily.

2. Talk to yourself:- Often we find a person who can understand us, but no one can understand it better than ourselves. Every day we need to talk to ourselves, question ourselves and in this moment we become them Get answer to all questions and we will never feel disinterested when we have our own business.

There are no such steps for dealing with boredom because we know our goals well and even work for the moment that feeling of boredom hits; it means we don't feed our minds with good things.If we nourish ourselves with good thoughts and books, then we can slowly get rid of boredom completely. So, before you go to sleep and after you wake up, say a few good affirmations to yourself slowly enough to find a solution, because nobody can answer you better than yourself.

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