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Important Days in November 2024: National and International Dates List

Here are some important national and international days in November 2024:

1. November 1st: All Saints' Day

2. November 2nd: Day of the Dead (Mexico)

3. November 3rd: Culture Day (Japan)

4. November 9th: World Freedom Day

5. November 11th: Veterans Day (United States), Remembrance Day (Canada, United Kingdom)

6. November 14th: World Diabetes Day

7. November 16th: International Day for Tolerance

8. November 17th: International Students' Day

9. November 19th: International Men's Day, World Toilet Day

10. November 20th: Universal Children's Day

11. November 25th: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

12. November 28th: Independence Day (Albania, Mauritania)

13. November 30th: St. Andrew's Day (Scotland), Independence Day (Barbados)

These are just a few notable days; there may be others depending on specific countries or causes.

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