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Important Days in September 2024: National and International Dates List

Here are some important national and international days in September 2024:

1. September 1st: Independence Day (Uzbekistan)

2. September 2nd: Independence Day (Vietnam)

3. September 6th: Defence Day (Pakistan)

4. September 7th: Independence Day (Brazil)

5. September 8th: Independence Day (North Macedonia)

6. September 9th: Independence Day (Tajikistan)

7. September 15th: Independence Day (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua)

8. September 16th: Independence Day (Mexico, Papua New Guinea)

9. September 18th: Independence Day (Chile)

10. September 21st: Independence Day (Armenia, Belize, Malta)

11. September 22nd: Independence Day (Bulgaria, Mali)

12. September 23rd: Independence Day (Saudi Arabia)

13. September 24th: Heritage Day (South Africa)

14. September 26th: European Day of Languages

15. September 30th: Independence Day (Botswana)

These are just a few notable days; there may be others depending on specific countries or causes.

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