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Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy Day is celebrated annually on 4th December to commemorate the achievements of India’s naval forces and their role in the nation. The theme for Indian Navy Day 2022 is ‘Swarnim Vijay Varsh’, which marks 50 years of India’s triumph in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war.

Do you know? Navy Day in India is celebrated on 4 December every year to recognize the achievements and role of the Indian Navy to the country. 4 December was chosen as on that day in 1971, during Operation Trident, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar, killing hundreds of Pakistani Navy personnel.

Indian Navy Day: History

The Indian Navy consists of the civil Navy and the military Navy led by India’s President (Commander-in-Chief). Operation Trident was launched against Pakistan on 4th December 1971, amidst the war between India and Pakistan. The Indian Navy officially entered the war on 4th December, and Karachi was inundated with attacks.

Indian Navy Day: Key Facts

In India, the Indian Navy is a maritime division within the Indian armed forces, with the President serving as Commander-in-Chief.

A celebration is held every 4th December to recognise the role and achievements of the Indian Navy. It also commemorates the start of Operation Trident against Pakistan, which ended the Indo-Pakistan war.

The Navy operates above, on, and below the ocean surface to protect our national interests. Our force also has the objective of improving its situation within the Indian Ocean Zone.

Through seaport visits, joint exercises, philanthropic missions, and upheaval assistance, the Indian Navy safeguards the country’s marine edges and maintains international relations. Located in the Indian Ocean Zone, it also works to alleviate conditions in that region.

In commemoration of the Indian Naval Missile’s brave attack on the Karachi harbour during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, Indian Navy Day is observed on 4th December. We honour the naval force’s splendour, outstanding achievements, and importance to the nation during this day.

The Indian Navy attacked Karachi during Operation Trident on the night of 4th December 1971. This was the first time anti-ship missiles were used in this operation.

How is Indian Navy Day Celebrated?

With headquarters in Mumbai, the Western Naval Command of the Indian Navy celebrates this great occasion by assembling ships and sailors. Throughout the celebration, Navy Day activities will be coordinated by the Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam. In addition to wreath-laying ceremonies at the war memorial (at RK Beach), the navy subs, ships, aircraft, and other forces will demonstrate their skills and energy in a practical demonstration.

Why is Navy Day Celebrated?

During the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, on 4th December, India celebrated Navy Day to honour the brave attack on the Karachi border. There will be an opportunity to view warships and aircraft of the Indian Navy on this day. At the Naval Festival, journalists from Ernakulam present the Military Photo Exhibition.

NIT conducts a community service project from 24th to 26th November at the Good Hope Old Age Home, Fort Kochi. Students help the Naval Doctors with games and entertainment, and the Navy Fest hosts Navy Balls, Navy Queens, and other contests.

Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Navy Day


What is the significance of Indian Navy Day?

During the Indo-Pakistan war in 1971, the day is celebrated in honour of the Indian Navy’s counterattack during Operation Trident. Every 4th December, the Indian Navy celebrates Navy Day to recognise the accomplishments and achievements of the Indian Navy during Operation Trident during the Indo-Pakistan war in 1971.


Who is the Father of the Indian Navy?

The Maratha Emperor, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is regarded as the Father of the Indian Navy.


What is the theme of Indian Navy Day 2022?

Each year, a different theme is proposed to commemorate Navy Day. It will celebrate 50 years since India’s victory in the Indo-Pak war of 1971. The following Indian Navy Day theme is ‘Swarnim Vijay Varsh’. During last year’s conference, the theme was “Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible & Cohesive”.

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