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International Horse Day

A horse is a swift and strong animal. It can easily run long distances. If you look at history, you will know the important part they played in it due to their loyalty. Moreover, they also helped and saved their masters. For instance, Chetak was a renowned horse. In addition, Arabian horses are popular worldwide. Through an essay on horse, we will learn more about them. All About Horses A horse is a vegetarian and domestic animal. It is very beneficial as well. A horse has four feet, two eyes, a nose, two ears and a tail. Their feet are quite slim but really strong. It allows them to run fast and for long. Moreover, one can find horses in different sizes, colours and shapes. All this depends on their breed and genes. In addition, the quality and quantity they eat daily also impact their health. Horses are in many colours. There are white, red, brown, black, grey horses and also sometimes they have a mixture of colours. Almost every country in the world has horses. The Arabian horse is popular for running very fast. Foals are young horses or baby horses. A mother horse gives birth to one foal at a time. About 5000 years ago, horses managed to domesticate humans. A horse lives up to 25 to 30 years. However, it does depend on their living condition. Horses like living in grassy areas or field where they can eat the grass, leaves and all other types of greenery available. Humans keep horses in a stable which is a building made of wood to keep horses. A Beneficial Animal Humans make use of horses in a lot of ways. One of them is when they travel or ride on their backs. If we look at the past, we see that they came in use in wars. Soldiers used to go on them in battlefields to fight. In modern times, they have more use in sports because of their great running abilities. They also come in use in games like Horse Riding, Equestrian, Sports Polo and more. On the other hand, in India, people use horses to pull carts and on farms. After the horse dies, we also use its bones, skin, hair for making carpets, medicine and other leather products. Thus, they come in a lot of use to humans. Horses do not sleep for long, they prefer taking short naps. Moreover, they do not sit. They stand for almost four to fifteen hours. Due to their physiology, horses are suitable for a lot of works. They also come in use in the entertainment industry. Certain breeds of horses are very beautiful and quiet. They are also kept as pets in farms. Conclusion of Essay On Horse To sum it up, a horse is an important part of our ecosystem. We should love and protect them instead of exploiting them for selfish reasons. After all, their existence is important for human survival. FAQ on Essay On Horse Question 1: State some fun facts about horses. Answer 1: Horses start to run shortly after birth. They have around 205 bones in their skeleton. Moreover, horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal living on land. Question 2: What is the life span of a horse? Answer 2: The life span of a horse is 25 to 30 years. It basically depends upon their living conditions. Usually, they prefer living in grassy areas or field where they can eat all types of greenery.

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