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Is IEES scholarship companies are private or government schemes?

Is IEES scholarship companies are private or government schemes??

There are a lot of companies or government schemes which avail scholarships to the aspiring students but there are some loopholes in the current system of scholarship system. To mention a few, I would like to enumerate and describe.

Why are lot of scholarships not responding??

In India there are lot of scholarships which usually do not permit the students besides a particular caste. In such cases, deserving candidates from the other castes cannot really get the scholarship and somewhere they stop their education in the scarcity of financial resources.

when some of the scholarship programmes have restriction of caste, on the other hand some scholarship programmes restricts the availability of scholarship for particular course or courses. Again, this contains students from getting the scholarship and compelled them to stop their education prematurely.

Some scholarship programmes have restriction of castes and courses, there are many scholarship programmes which provide very good scholarship but the students are supposed to study only in their institutions or the institutions suggested by the scheme.

Why Available only for the meritorious students??

This is another problem in the system of scholarships in India that many schemes including the government schemes provide scholarship only to the meritorious students. In such cases, students who are actually are good at studies but somewhere they fail to perform in the exams stay deprived of scholarships. such students make a big chunk of candidates who actually deserve and need the scholarships.

available only to economically weak students .

While most of the students in India are capable of paying the fees for the primary education, it is the secondary and higher secondary or graduation that seems difficult to the students. This is happening because the cost of education is getting higher and higher and at the same time the increase in income is somewhere lagging behind. So practically speaking, the students from the middle class families do pay the fees but it is not always easy for their families to manage cost of education. So it is not only the weaker section of society that requires scholarships but all the students somewhere need it.


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