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Learning from others is good, but copying from others is not a good standard.

Everyone has some weaknesses and strengths. Every time we try to copy ourselves from others. We want to be like someone we call inspiration, but that's not true. We all have different powers, abilities, thoughts. We are all different and unique. But if we really learn from others, that's the key to success. Today in this blog, let's see what we can learn from others instead of copying.

1. Behaviour: - As we can see, many people have different behaviors, some people are friendly, some angry, some impatient, etc. We all have different behaviors, but this time we can see their behavior and try to learn what we learn and what not.We know very well what we need to learn, but we should know what we shouldn't learn from others. That's a very big thing to understand.

2. Personality development:- We can learn to stand up, to speak, to set a goal. There are many important figures from whom we can learn so much good, but there are two sides to the coin.So don't follow anyone's bad habit. Now let's consider how we can check if it's good or bad. Before you do anything new, ask yourself whether it will be useful to others in any way. Asking our own self is the best answer to any question. I think these two are enough to learn from each other. Rest thing we know very well.

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