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Minorstudy Community Guidelines

Minorstudy is a platform for creative professionals around the world to showcase their own work and to discover the creative work of others through three key features: Search (Discover), Live, and Jobs. These Minorstudy Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) govern your use of Minorstudy to maintain an engaging and trustworthy community that fosters creativity across the platform, and are incorporate by reference into the Minorstudy Terms of Use

Unless otherwise noted in the Guidelines, the same rules apply to all content on Minorstudy. If you come across content that violates these Guidelines, please follow the instructions in the 'Report Abuse' section below. We take these to heart and hope that you'll do the same as well.

1. Be Respectful and Safe Minorstudy is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. To protect our users and maintain the high quality of content across the platform we don’t allow abusive or illegal content or behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Spam or posts related to the sale of non-creative goods or services Fraud or scams Pornographic material and explicit nudity Harassment and threats Hateful or highly offensive content that attacks or dehumanizes a group based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, serious disease or disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation Graphic violence or gore The promotion, glorification, or threats of violence Illegal activities or goods Self-harm or the promotion of self-harm Depictions of nude minors or minors in a sexual manner Promotion of terrorism or violent extremism Dissemination of misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive content that could lead to real-world harm Personal or private information of others (like full name, home address, phone number, email address, government issued IDs, or anything else that would let someone locate or contact you in the real world)) Please note that we may report any material exploiting minors to the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) CyberTipline.

Adult Content Minorstudy is all about helping creative people get exposure for their work, and so we offer an adult content filter (the “Adult Wall”) that allows qualifying projects to be available to as broad an audience as possible. Many countries, schools, and companies will block websites without this feature.

Projects should go behind the Adult Wall if they contain adult content (this includes nudity, profanity, violence or any other material unsuitable for a younger audience, a global audience or people at work). To do this, go into the Settings for a specific project and select “This project contains adult content” under the “Content” heading. Content behind the Adult Wall is available only to registered Minorstudy users who are over 18 and who live in countries where adult content is legal (for more on this topic, view the Helpcenter page about Adult Content on Minorstudy:

Public and Shared Content The Adult Wall is only available to projects currently. Profile images and banner images, “Work in Progress” images, livestreams, jobs, comments, messages, Minorstudy Creator Subscriptions, and other interactions on Minorstudy must be appropriate for an audience of all ages and geographies and should not contain adult content.

2. Be Supportive We value artistic expression, but we ask that you keep your comments, private messages, and other communications constructive and respectful. We don't tolerate abusive, vulgar or insulting comments and messages.

3. Be Authentic The Minorstudy community is for people to bring their authentic selves and to publicly share one’s own creative work. We disable accounts that engage in behavior that undermines the authenticity of our community, including but not limited to, the following deceptive or harmful behaviors:

Using fake, misleading, or inaccurate information in your profile Impersonating other people or entities Falsely attributing someone’s work Using automated or scripting processes (such as bulk or automated uploading of content through a script) Engaging in schemes or third-party services to boost account engagement (artificially increasing the number of appreciations, views, or other metrics) Broadcasting or uploading other people’s work as your own is copyright infringement and is not tolerated. If you aren’t sure whether your use of someone else’s content or trademark in your work is legal, you can talk to an attorney or consult publicly available reference materials at the following:

If you want to report the misuse of your own creative work or your own trademark by one of our users, you can do that here: Reporting Infringement on Minorstudy Network ( If you have a contract or other dispute with Minorstudy user about content they have uploaded to our site, please resolve the issue directly with the user. We can't moderate contract, employment, or other disputes between our users and the public.

4. Additional Guidelines In addition to all the guidelines above, certain features within Minorstudy require you to follow additional guidelines.

Livestreaming You must be 16 years old to livestream on Minorstudy Live. Streamers are not allowed to broadcast streams that promote dangerous, reckless, or criminal behavior (e.g., driving while streaming, playing with a firearm). Streams are broadcasted around the world, so please be mindful of what you display and be aware of the following: What you are streaming on your desktop and browser (e.g., browser history, browser tabs) What can be seen in the surrounding environment (e.g., artwork, personal information, people who may not want to be streamed) What you are wearing or displaying on your body (e.g., no nudity allowed, see-through shirts, profanity on clothing) Livestreaming grant of rights: In connection with livestreaming, you grant to Minorstudy the irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide, right, license, and privilege to:

Record the livestream including any presentation materials and allow for the livestream to be available for viewing on various platforms, including but not limited to Minorstudy properties; Use, record, distribute, publish, publicly display the streamer's name, likeness, picture, photo, image, voice, appearance, and performance; and Use, copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, make derivative works of, publicly perform, and publicly display any and all visual materials you choose to share during the livestream. Minorstudy Creator Subscriptions Minorstudy Creator Subscriptions allow Creators to make additional artistic content available to paying users ("subscribers") on their Creator Subscription Page. This includes providing subscribers access to exclusive projects, livestreams and source files. Creator Subscriptions cannot be used:

To fund non-activity (for example, don't engage in spammy behavior and only agree to stop in exchange for subscriptions). To crowdfund or fundraise for any goods or non-creative services. If you violate any of the above, your Creator Subscription may get suspended, along with your subscriptions.

Jobs We offer a ‘Creative Jobs’ section where creatives can discover career opportunities, freelance gigs, and internships. The job board is intended only for offering employment openings or paid opportunities related to a creative field. You may not post:

A resume/CV Any materials seeking employment or to promote oneself Jobs that point to specific work contests or other opportunities that solicit spec work Any postings in violation of the Community Guidelines may be removed without refund. For more information on job posting best practices and safety tips, please visit this Help Center page

5. Report Abuse If at any time you believe a user or their content violates the Community Guidelines or Minorstudy Terms of Use, please report it by following the instructions out lined in the Guide: Report Abuse on Minorstudy

6. Appeals Process If you believe your content was improperly removed, you may appeal the decision by following the instructions provided at the top of any moderated project. To learn more, please visit these Help Center pages

7. More Information We may take down content that violates these guidelines and we reserve the right to take further action on your Minorstudy account. For more information about what you can and can’t do on our platform, please refer to Minorstudy Terms of Use

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