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March 2023: Why is it regarded as one of the most important harvest festivals?

March 2023: Why is it regarded as one of the most important harvest festivals?

One of South India's major festivals, Pongal is mostly celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is also known as Makar Sankranti in other parts of India. On January 15, people celebrate Pongal, a harvest festival that lasts for four days and coincides with the solar equinox. It is also known as Thai Pongal in Tamilnadu, and the entire time period is referred to as Uttarayanam. It's a four-day celebration.

Thai Pongal 2023 Date and Time In accordance with the Tamil calendar, the Pongal days will fall on the third day of the Thai month, from the Tamil year Margazhi.

Date and Time of Pongal Thai Pongal Sankranti Moment 08:57 PM Importance of the Pongal Festival in 2023 There are various types of Pongal, and each of the four days has its own significance.

Bhogi Pongal is the first day of the Pongal festival, and Thai Pongal is the second day, which is regarded as the most significant. Mattu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal are the names given to the third and fourth days, respectively. Let the old things go and let the new things in, as Pongal illustrates!

What each day of Pongal 2023 means and how it is celebrated Let's find out how Pongal is celebrated on each day:

Day 1: Bhogi Pongal—Saturday, January 14, 2023—is the first day of Pongal. On this day, people pray to Lord Indra for rain that will result in a good harvest. On this day, homes are thoroughly cleaned.

Day 2: Surya Pongal or Thai Pongal is celebrated on Sunday, January 15, 2023. As the name suggests, Lord Sun is honored and worshiped on this day. Milk and jaggery are offered to Lord Sun by devotees. The main day of the four-day festival is today. On this day, in addition to Sakkararai Pongal, numerous other dishes are prepared.

Day 3: Mattu Pongal—Monday, January 16, 2023—is a day that honors farm animals like cows, bulls, and others whose contributions to agriculture are significant. Before being prayed over, the cattle are dressed.

Day 4: Tuesday, January 17, 2023, is Kaanum Pongal, which is a day for fun and relaxation. Friends and family get together on this day to exchange treats and sweets. Because it symbolizes prosperity and well-being, rangoli is drawn outside of homes.

On the Thai Pongal Day, food is cooked outdoors at sunrise on the day of the festival. Rice and milk are cooked together and allowed to boil. Because it is believed to bring good fortune, milk can spill over. It is tempered with cashew nuts, raisins, jaggery, and ghee after it has been cooked. Pongal is the name of the dish that is cooked and given to Lord Sun to thank him for the harvest. The household members are then served this Pongal.

Legends About the Pongal Festival One of the most well-known myths about the festival is that Lord Shiva once sent his bull Nandi to Earth to tell people to eat once a month and take a bath and oil massage every day. Nandi advised people to eat every day and take an oil bath once a month instead. He was cursed to live forever on Earth by angry Lord Shiva. urged him to cultivate the fields and aid in food production. Consequently, people celebrate this festival with crops and cattle following harvest.

In addition to being the primary festival in Tamil Nadu, Pongal is also observed in Andra Pradesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. According to the Tamil Solar Calendar, it occurs at the beginning of each month. The sweet dish Pongal (rice kheer) that is served during the festival is the inspiration for the name Pongal.

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Astrology and Pongal The time of year when the Sun moves toward the north for the next six months is Pongal, which means a good start in astrology. In contrast to the time of year when the Sun moves toward the south, Hinduism views this as a time of good fortune. As a result, a lot of good things happen during this time!

Conclusion Given that India is primarily an agricultural nation, it is not surprising that it celebrates so many harvest festivals, one of which is Pongal. Because of its significance, it is comparable to the "Thanksgiving" festival.

We wish everyone a happy Pongal! I wish you a wonderful harvest festival in 2023.

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