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One of the most extensive portfolios of advertising technology in the industry, is a leading global advertising company that offers search, native, display, mobile, local, products, and video advertising technologies.'s platform and products are licensed by some of the world's largest publishers, ad networks, and other ad tech companies. It manages high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites. is one of the world's top five largest ad tech companies by market capitalization. is the second-largest contextual advertising company in the world in terms of revenue.

More than 1300 people work for in important operations centers in Asia, Europe, and North America. New York is home to's US headquarters, while Dubai is home to its global headquarters.

Products that are at the forefront of machine learning: We create products that automatically learn and optimize to display the most relevant advertisements and offers in formats that strike a balance between user experience and revenue while also offering user privacy protections that are among the best in the industry. In addition to maximizing publisher revenue and offering advertisers a high return on investment (ROI), this creates sustainable value over the long term. makes online advertising easier by creating top-notch products in a variety of ad tech categories so that customers can meet all of their requirements without having to work with multiple vendors or, if they prefer, use the company's platform to combine solutions from multiple vendors they want to manage.

To successfully target users, our offerings include sophisticated data processing, proprietary machine-learning algorithms, and in-depth analytics capabilities.

At the moment, we manage traffic that brings in more than 70 million paid ad clicks per month. On the other hand, in order to generate this volume of ad clicks at the industry average display CTR of 0.08%, it will take approximately 87.5 billion display ad impressions per month.

The suite from is constantly self-optimizing because it can analyze and learn from a lot of data. The platform's algorithms become more intelligent as a result of the volume of transactions it receives. This improves the quality of matches, improves advertisers' return on investment, and boosts publishers' revenue. attracts even more sellers, who in turn attract more buyers, resulting in powerful network effects because of this high-quality matching.

The display-to-search (D2S) ad format, which is a highly sophisticated method of monetizing display placements by identifying user search intent and displaying relevant search keywords, leads to the display of search ads bought by advertisers on a CPC pricing model. We are the original creators of the D2S ad format.

Through this format, advertisers experience extremely high conversion and sales without the need to purchase CPM impressions-based media, in which they run the risk of paying for media with which users do not engage. Because it is regarded as a "cost of sales" rather than an "operating expense" from a discretionary marketing budget, D2S enjoys uncapped advertising budgets.

A cutting-edge and scalable technology platform:'s robust technology platform, extensive product features, stringent quality and compliance standards, and experience quickly ramping to scale represent significant and long-lasting competitive advantages that have produced powerful outcomes for's publisher and advertiser clients. It is the result of intensive research over a number of years and significant investment.

It has improved its capabilities in ad targeting, yield optimization, and machine learning thanks to the large, talented technology team that it employs, which consists of hundreds of engineers. The platform at is supported by a scalable and adaptable in-house infrastructure with global operations. A distributed infrastructure, sophisticated data processing, in-depth analytics capabilities, and machine learning algorithms provide the platform with its power. Replicating's world-class advanced technology platform would currently take 100 engineers more than four years.

Capabilities that make all the difference: "Capabilities for optimizing revenue and return on investment" Superior technology. The need to manage multiple independent vendors is eliminated by the comprehensive feature set. Simple to use and incorporate. "Scalability with an uptime of 100%." "Highly optimized solution with low latency and high speed." Capabilities for traffic quality and compliance management "Serving infrastructure optimized for cost." "Capabilities for real-time reporting and big data." Data protection and client control. The user experience is unobtrusive. "High quality with a low rate of errors." Hundreds of loyal, high-profile clients Constant innovation

A team that creates long-term value: We have specialized teams that work on a variety of technology, business, and process innovation projects. Our significant commitment to driving technology innovation that generates original ideas, strategies, and new opportunities enables our partners to become more successful in the face of the rapidly shifting world of online advertising. These resources include people, capital, time, and ideas.

Our Account Advisors and Traffic Analysts are specialists in online advertising and monetization. They use a methodical approach and repeatable procedures to implement solutions that are tailored to each client's requirements and create long-term value. We are one step closer to realizing the vision that began with: becoming the provider of choice for advertisers, publishers, ad networks, and agencies all over the world.

Several important FAQs:

Is a reputable business? is a leading online advertising technology company that creates cutting-edge products for publishers and advertisers. is one of the top five global ad tech companies by market capitalization, employing over 800 people.

What is the purpose of is an advertising company that focuses on offering digital publishers monetization products. To monetize publishers' inventory, the services include search, display, native, video, and mobile advertising.

Is based in China? is the world's second-largest contextual advertising network in terms of revenue. It is also one of the top five largest ad tech companies by market capitalization worldwide. Over 1300 people work for the company in North America, Asia, and Europe. It has a New York headquarters and a Dubai headquarters worldwide.

How much does Bangalore make? Software Services (India) salaries range from 2.9 lakhs for an Operation Assistant to 33.2 lakhs for a Sde1.

What is the Product Manager's salary? For Product Managers with two to five years of experience, the Software Services (India) Pvt Ltd. average salary in India is 27.3 lakhs rupees. Software Manager salaries in India range from 19.0 lakhs rupees to 35.0 lakhs rupees.

How much does charge for every one thousand impressions? is one of the best in the business, paying about $5 per 1,000 impressions on average. You can typically run three ads on each page, which equates to approximately 1,000 impressions for 334 views. With only 334 visits per day and $5 RPM, you can make $5 per day, or about $150 per month.

How much does pay its employees? The median annual salary at Media Net ranges from about 3.1 lakhs for a Research Analyst to 26.1 lakhs for a Site Reliability Engineer.

Is using free? Is cost-free? Yes. is a free ad network that allows publishers to monetize their traffic.

What is CTC for a salary of $18,000? If you live in India and earn 18,000 rupees per year, you will be taxed 2,160 rupees. This indicates that your annual net pay will be 15,840 yen, or 1,320 yen per month. Your marginal tax rate is 12%, while your average tax rate is 12%.

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