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Media's Influence On Children's

Most activities for children are based on us. Whatever we do, they try to copy it. Sometimes they are like what our elders do and tell us that it is the only right thing to do. But that is not true. Especially in the present time, the scenario is a little different than in the past. When the child cries or bothers the elders, they used to give them the phone instead of attention.Children want their parents' attention and today they don't get it. That's why they started following someone on social media and slowly have blind faith in this unknown person, but in the future it will hurt them. So let's get to the point. As we all know, the reality of the media, but anyway I'll explain it in my words. 1Spending a lot of time in the media: - The media or we can use social networks is something we cannot imagine how much time we and children spend. Before Covid most children were busy with school, tuition etc. So they hardly use the funds. But in Covid and now the situation is much worse. For covid conferences, projects or everything is on mobile.So kids are not addicted because of study, but during lecture they can use social media and teachers or parents don't know about it. They think their kids are learning, but they waste their time on social media. About 8 to 9 hours of media time is wasted. 2. What do they learn about media?A. Television: When children spend a lot of time on television, they forget about the real world and begin to believe in the world of fantasy. Many series, movies, news, commercials are based on things alcoholic, love affairs, revenge, drama, lies, sexuality etc. After seeing only negative things; they used to behave the same way. But if they are curious to learn something good, that is also possible.Some famous series on Sub TV like Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah, Wagle Ki Duniya, Educational Channels, Discovery etc. But the power of negative series is more than positive. B. Advertisement:- When watching TV in the middle, they used to attract children's attention. Some ads are good to see and learn about what is going on in the market, but at the same time, some ads are very harmful.Your favorite stars blinded by kids and trusted to promote the wrong products and alcoholics. Later, the children stubbornly ask their parents to give or hide them which they buy from them and it will be very dangerous. C. Social Networks: Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Games and many more are powerful and addictive applications. Once you start using them without scrolling and spending more than 1 hour, these apps will not leave your kids.Social networks are the main reason for hiring children; Either positive or negative..

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