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Mumbai terror attack

More than 180 people were killed and around 800 injured through a series of seven bomb blasts in the first-class compartments of the Western line of the suburban (local) train which is known as the backbone of the city’s transport network in Mumbai, within 11 minutes from 6:24 PM to 6:35 PM. The sufferers were mostly executives, businessmen, government employees, private employees, and college students. The mixture of RDX and Ammonium Nitrate bombs was set off in pressure cookers installed on the trains by the terrorists.

The trains were running from Churchgate, the city center end of the western railway line to the western suburbs of the city. The blasts were executed at different locations which are as follows:- Khar Road at 6:24 PM in which 9 people died, Bandra at 6:24 where 22 died, Jogeshwari at 8 6:25 where 28 died, Mahim Junction at 6:26 where 43 died, Mira Road at 6:29 where 31 died, Matunga Road at 6:30 where 28 died and, Borivali at 6:35 where 26 died leaving a total of 187 dead. Two more victims died after long struggles in hospital taking the total death toll to 189.

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