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National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week is an annual celebration in the United States dedicated to recognizing the contributions of school counselors in helping students achieve academic success, personal development, and career readiness. It is typically observed during the first full week of February.

Here's some information about National School Counseling Week:

History and Significance:

- National School Counseling Week was established by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) to highlight the important role of school counselors in supporting the academic, social-emotional, and career needs of students.

- The week provides an opportunity to honor and appreciate the work of school counselors and to raise awareness about the comprehensive counseling programs they provide in schools across the country.


- The primary objective of National School Counseling Week is to recognize the unique contributions and impact of school counselors in promoting student success and well-being.

- The week aims to highlight the role of school counselors in fostering a positive school climate, addressing students' academic and personal needs, promoting equity and access to opportunities, and collaborating with educators, families, and community partners.

- It also seeks to advocate for the importance of school counseling services and the need for adequate resources and support for school counseling programs.

Activities and Events:

- During National School Counseling Week, schools, districts, and counseling organizations may organize various activities and events to celebrate and honor school counselors.

- These activities may include appreciation events, awards ceremonies, professional development workshops, classroom presentations, and community outreach initiatives.

- Students, parents, teachers, and administrators may also participate by expressing their gratitude and support for school counselors through cards, letters, social media posts, or other forms of recognition.

Themes and Campaigns:

- Each year, National School Counseling Week may have a specific theme or campaign to focus attention on key issues or priorities in school counseling.

- Themes may highlight areas such as college and career readiness, mental health and wellness, social-emotional learning, diversity and inclusion, or advocacy for school counseling policies and funding.

- The themes aim to inspire meaningful discussions, activities, and initiatives that promote the goals and values of school counseling.

Overall, National School Counseling Week serves as a time to celebrate the dedication, professionalism, and impact of school counselors in helping students succeed academically, socially, and personally, and to advocate for the continued support and recognition of school counseling services in education.

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