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National Scrapbook Day

National Scrapbook Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the art and craft of scrapbooking. It's a time for enthusiasts of all skill levels to come together, share their creativity, and preserve memories through the creation of personalized scrapbook pages and albums. Here's an overview of National Scrapbook Day:


- National Scrapbook Day is observed annually on the first Saturday in May.


- National Scrapbook Day was established in 1994 by the creative team at Creative Memories, a company specializing in scrapbooking supplies and products.

- The day was created to promote the hobby of scrapbooking and to encourage people to document their memories and stories in meaningful and creative ways.


- National Scrapbook Day celebrates the art of preserving memories through scrapbooking, a creative and therapeutic activity that allows individuals to reflect on cherished moments and share their stories with future generations.

- It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving family history, documenting milestones, and capturing the beauty of everyday life through photos, journaling, and artistic expression.


- On National Scrapbook Day, people celebrate by:

- Gathering with friends, family, or fellow scrapbook enthusiasts to work on scrapbooking projects together.

- Attending scrapbooking workshops, classes, or events hosted by local craft stores, community centers, or online platforms.

- Organizing scrapbook-themed parties or crop nights where participants can share ideas, techniques, and supplies.

- Exploring new scrapbooking trends, techniques, and products through tutorials, demonstrations, and online resources.

- Showcasing their completed scrapbook pages or albums on social media platforms using the hashtag #NationalScrapbookDay to connect with others and inspire creativity.


- You can wish someone a happy National Scrapbook Day by acknowledging their passion for preserving memories and expressing appreciation for their creative talents. For example, you could say, "Happy National Scrapbook Day! Keep capturing those special moments and crafting beautiful memories that last a lifetime."

National Scrapbook Day is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to unleash their creativity, celebrate their unique stories, and connect with others who share a love for preserving memories through the art of scrapbooking. Whether you're a seasoned scrapbooker or someone new to the craft, it's a day to celebrate the joy of creativity and the power of storytelling.

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