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National Technology Day: History, Importance, and Theme On May 11.

India celebrates National Technology Day, which celebrates the accomplishments of our nation's technological giants, researchers, and engineers. To commemorate the Pokhran nuclear test, the then-Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee established National Technology Day in 1999. India has seen dangerous development, on account of the commitment of mechanical headways. The celebration of National Technology Day is the ideal time to recognize the contributions made by scientists and engineers as growth drivers. National Technology Day 2023 was first observed in India on May 11, 1999, with the intention of recognizing those who work in the technology industry and highlighting their accomplishments. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in attendance at the inaugural National Technology Day, which was put on by the Council for Technology Development. In addition, the Indian Army conducted five Pokhran nuclear tests in May 1998 to determine the bombs' power on this day. Who declared May 11 as India's National Technology Day? Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India, did so on May 11. This was done as a way to remember the Indian Army's 1998 nuclear tests in Pokhran, Rajasthan. National Technology Day will be observed annually to honor the dynamic achievement, according to the Council for Technology. Regarding the Pokhran Nuclear Test To comprehend the significance of National Technology Day, it is necessary to first comprehend the 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests. We have provided all pertinent information regarding this test here. Pokhran tests were a progression of 5 blasts directed by the Indian Armed force Pokhran Test Reach in 1998. India's second nuclear test, Pokhran, was strictly governed after the first, which was codenamed "Smiling Budha" and took place in 1974. The date of the atomic tests was set apart as Public Innovation Day in India. Perhaps of India's most Fair President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, otherwise called the 'Rocket Man of India', led the Pokhran Tests. The significance of India's National Technology Day is that it is observed annually on May 11 to honor the accomplishments of scientists, engineers, and researchers. National Technology Day aims to recognize those who work in science and technology and are ultimately responsible for the country's growth. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India, declared that Indians had joined the exclusive Nuclear Club following the Pokhran nuclear tests. As a result, the 11th of May marks the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear tests, which were conducted in 1998. Operation Shakti was the code name for all five of India's nuclear tests. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former president of India, was the mastermind who authorized the continuous execution of all of these tests. India observes National Technology Day annually to commemorate this day. History of National Technology Day Indian National Technology Day dates back to 1998, when then-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee established the holiday. This day commemorates the most significant event of the Indian Army's 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests. The background of National Technology Day can be found here. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a former president, oversaw the Pokhran tests. He was in charge of all Pokhran tests because he is an engineer. National Technology Day was established due to the tests' success. Everyone who works in the field of science and technology is honored on this day. Theme for National Technology Day in 2023 Every National Technology Day, a new theme is announced. The day's activities all revolve around the same theme. The theme for National Technology Day 2023 has not yet been revealed. The majority of the time, the focus is on thinking about science and technology.

Last year, the Public Innovation Day 2022 subject was "Coordinated Approach in Science and innovation for a practical future". It is anticipated that the theme for this year will be similar. How to Observe Public Innovation Day? National Technology Day is widely observed in India. People enjoy celebrating this day and paying tribute to great scientists and engineers in the following ways: The public authority sorts out occasions and converses with talk about the eventual fate of science and innovation. On National Technology Day, numerous events are held by schools and colleges for students to showcase their skills and knowledge. By sharing relevant information about science and technology on social media, individuals can participate in National Technology Day. Questions and Answers regarding National Technology Day, Q1. When does National Technology Day occur? In India, National Technology Day is observed annually on May 11th. This day honors the efforts of all scientists and engineers who contributed to the test's success and marks the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear test. Q2. Who decided that May 11 would be National Technology Day? Previous Top state leader of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee pronounced eleventh May as Public Innovation Day in 1998, after the outcome of the Pokhran atomic tests. Accordingly, the principal Public Innovation Day was commended on eleventh May 1999. Q3. What is the focus of the 2023 National Technology Day? The theme for National Technology Day 2023 has not yet been announced. Every year, the Indian government announces a new theme for this day. The significance of technology in driving the country's growth is brought to light on this day. Q4. What is the purpose of National Technology Day? In recognition of the accomplishments of all scientists and engineers, we observe National Technology Day. We likewise commend this day since it honors the 1998 Pokhran-II atomic testing led by the Indian Armed force. Previous PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced eleventh May as Public Innovation Day after the effective testing. Q5. In India, how is National Technology Day celebrated? To commemorate National Technology Day, an event is typically held in Delhi, the nation's capital. The president and other political leaders are invited to attend this event, which is held near the India Gate. The president presents the honors to specialists, examiners, physicists, and researchers and commends them for their effective creations and accomplishments. Q6. What was the Public Innovation Day 2022 topic? Public Innovation Day 2022 topic was "Coordinated Approach in Science and Innovation for Supportable Future." The government chose this theme, and on National Technology Day, all events in New Delhi were centered on it. Do you be aware? On National Technology Day (May 11), the Prime Minister expressed his "gratitude" to the scientists and their "efforts" that led to the "successful Pokhran tests in 1998." What is Public Innovation Day? About: The purpose of the day, which was first observed on May 11, 1999, is to honor Indian scientists and engineers for their contributions to science and technology. The day was named by the previous State leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Technology Development Board of India, a statutory body under the Ministry of Science and Technology, honors individuals for their contributions to science and technology in India with the National Award each year to mark the occasion. The center this year is 'Coordinated Approach in Science and Innovation for Economical Future'.

Significance: It is the day India effectively tried atomic bombs in Pokhran on eleventh May, 1998. India successfully conducted a test of its operational Pokhran-II, also known as Operation Shakti, nuclear missile, the Shakti-1. At the Indian Army's Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan, the nuclear missile was put through its paces. This was the second test which was directed after Pokhran-I codenamed Activity Grinning Buddha, in May 1974. The Trishul Missile, a surface-to-air short-range missile, was successfully tested on the same day as India's first indigenous aircraft, the "Hansa – 3." Frequently Asked Questions: Why is National Technology Day celebrated? On May 11, India observed Public Innovation Day to celebrate the tenth commemoration of the Pokhran atomic test in 1998. It was a significant day for Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who established Technology Day for the first time in 1999. Who is pronounced Public Innovation Day? Who Pronounced eleventh May as Public Innovation Day. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, previous Top state leader of India, pronounced eleventh May as Public Innovation Day in India. This was done as a way to remember the Indian Army's 1998 nuclear tests in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Who decided that May 21 would be National Technology Day? Indian scientists and engineers are honored on this day for their contributions to science and technology. The day was named by Atal Bihar Vajpayee, a former prime minister. What is the significance of May 11? National Technology Day is a day to promote science as a career choice and highlight the significance of science in everyday life. What does "technology day" mean? On January 6, National Technology Day celebrates how technology has changed the world and looks to the future. The day recognizes technological accomplishments that have an effect on our day-to-day lives every year, from the wheel to smartphones. Where is the celebration of National Technology Day? India observes National Technology Day on May 11 each year to commemorate the successful 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests. To commemorate the same, National Technology Day 2023 will be held this year.

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