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On June 12 each year, Child Labor Day, also known as World Day Against Child Labor, is observed.

On June 12 each year, Child Labor Day, also known as World Day Against Child Labor, is observed. Since 2002, when the International Labor Organization (I.L.O.) made it an international day to make people aware of child labor and the need to prevent it, the day has been celebrated. Child Labor Day, also known as World Day Against Child Labor, has been an annual event on which nations and international organizations unite to combat child labor since 2002. More than half of these children are being subjected to worse forms of child labor, so finding ways to eradicate child labor from the ground up is more important than raising awareness and engaging in activism. These are extremely risky and against the law, like human trafficking that leads to forced prostitution.

HISTORY OF CHILD LABOR DAY Child labor is the exploitation of children, particularly in developing nations, while denying them childhood and access to education due to economic hardship. Child labor has existed in various forms throughout history. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when children worked twelve-hour shifts per day, there has been documented evidence of them working like adults.

Western nations required an ever-increasing supply of labor and the best source they had as children to support the rapidly industrializing economy. The economic downturn during the industrial revolution had a significant negative impact on the common man and his family in comparison to earlier times, when a single man of the house was sufficient to provide for the family. Kids alongside ladies needed to emerge to work in manufacturing plants to bring in sufficient cash which scarcely guaranteed their endurance, and from that point forward this double-dealing of youngsters as a wellspring of the modest workforce has won.

Africa has consistently held the top spot worldwide when it comes to child labor; one in every five children participates in the practice. The Asian-Pacific region has the second-worst number, with 7% of all children affected by child labor.

Kid Work has been among the most examined subjects in the U.N. also, other global associations and serious endeavors have been to forestall youngster work, yet, around 160 million kids are engaged with kid work the world actually needs more endeavors to kill kid work from the roots.

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century sees children participating in the new industrialization revolution in Germany and Great Britain.

1831 Royal Commission The Royal Commission recommends that children aged nine to eleven work up to nine hours per day and that children aged 11 to 18 should work 12 hours per day.

1910 More than Two Million Children Are Employed In the United States alone, more than two million children are employed in a variety of occupations to support the economy.

2002: The first World Day Against Child Labor is established by the International Labor Organization to promote activism and awareness of the issue.

FAQs for Child Labor Day: Is all child labor illegal?

Youngsters who are helping their family in the business, or are procuring a pocket while not being denied of their experience growing up and right to training isn't kid work. It is a practice that is supported. Kid work is the abuse of youngsters due to the families' monetary condition that they are denied of their experience growing up and are compelled to work so they can add to the family's pay.

Is child labor illegal in the United States of America?

Although these laws do not consider all child labor to be child labor, minimum working age legislation prohibits such exploitation in almost all states in the United States. Exemptions incorporate work by kid specialists, family obligations, administered preparing, and a few types of kid work rehearsed by Amish youngsters, as well as by Native youngsters in the Americas.

How can I contribute to the fight to end child labor?

Put resources into a youngster's schooling or monetarily support a family who is frantic due to their monetary issues. Your help in giving schooling will bring about new open doors for that kid.

How to Celebrate Child Labor Day Give to a good cause A lot of NGO's are working to end child labor, and your donations can help them ensure a child's future. Volunteer your time if money is a problem.

Create an awareness session and educate your friends and coworkers about the dangers of child labor for children. Encourage them to make contributions in order to assist families living in extreme poverty.

Attend I.L.O. and U.N.-sponsored events You should attend these events because they help you learn more about the cause and become more committed to it. Participate in such occasions as a volunteer and contribute.

Some facts about child labor that everyone should know: There are 160 million children worldwide, and the number has increased by 8.4 million in the past four years. The present moment, there are 160 million kids who are survivors of kid work.

70% of children working in agriculture The agricultural industry employs the most children who engage in child labor.

The U.N.'s statistics indicate that poverty and unemployment are the primary causes of child labor.

Regulated Child Labor began in the United Kingdom. During the Industrial Revolution, which took place in the 1800s, the rapid growth of large-scale manufacturing was the first to exploit young children.

India has the highest number of children engaged in child labor in South Asia—more than five million—and is leading the region.

A Few Notes About World Day Against Child Labor: Every year on June 12, all United Nations member countries observe World Day Against Child Labor to highlight the need to end child labor. World Day Against Child Labor was established in 2002 by the International Labor Organization, and it has been observed annually ever since.

This day is additionally seen to empower people, associations and legislatures to make a move against youngster Work and end it completely. We have discussed the history, theme, and significance of World Day Against Child Labor in this article.

World Day Against Kid Work 2023

This year will stamp the 21st World Day Against Youngster Work. The International Labor Organization (ILO) organizes a number of events each year on this day to emphasize the significance of putting an end to child labor. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has planned a "Week of Action against Child Labor" in honor of World Day Against Child Labor to raise awareness of the issue.

Numerous nations participate in this day's celebration each year. Numerous noticeable worldwide associations additionally spread the message of finishing kid Work.

WHY CHILD LABOR DAY IS SO IMPORTANT? We can stop child labor from happening. The more we know about it, the more we can do to stop it. The thought behind noticing World Day Against Kid Work is to spread consciousness of how hazardous youngster work is and that it needs to stop.

It demonstrates our resolve to oppose child labor Organizations like I.L.O. rely on our support and volunteerism. Without our help, these associations will before long close down and the world will turn into a far and away more terrible spot for these youngsters. Our collective efforts have made a difference up to this point. Our determination to oppose child labor is demonstrated by celebrating or observing this day.

It upholds opportunity

Around half of the kids associated with kid work are being exposed to awful working circumstances and are nearly being forever impeded. A child, let alone a human being, does not deserve such atrocity. The celebration of this day and our efforts to promote their freedom will help bring an end to child labor for good.

A few significant FAQs:-

For what reason is World Day Against Kid Work celebrated?

The World Day Against Youngster Work was first settled in the year 2002 by the Global Work Association (ILO) to cause steady to notice the issue of kid work and to reconsider and return to our methodologies to dispense with kid work.

What is World Day Against Child Labor Day's slogan?

Try not to be wild; just give training to your kid. Give your kid well-rounded schooling to make this country a superior country. Save tiny hands for the world to come. Don't let them work. Start child care and stop employing children.

When did the first World Day Against Child Labor begin?

In 2002, the International Labor Organization (ILO) established World Day Against Child Labor to draw attention to the scale of child labor worldwide and the necessary measures to eradicate it.

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