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Patience is the key element of success??

We all have patience, but why are we impatient?

The power to act calmly or contentedly in any situation. That's patience, but the question is why are we impatient?

Impatient behavior arises when we are aggressive, angry, or negative. We all have patience.Let me explain with an example. Assuming we're somewhere in government when they tell us to wait an hour or two. The sir is in a meeting, so you can meet him as soon as he comes back. In the Government hospital when we're sick, but we're still standing outside because we're getting free services. There are many examples like this that describe that we have a certain level of patience.At that moment we only know one thing: we need this person so that we cannot become aggressive, otherwise they will not finish our work. So even if trouble arises at that time, because we have no other choice, we remain calm or patient. This means we all have patience, but sometimes the situation gets worse and we have to be impatient.

Many people predict that patience is the biggest disease. Those who have patience will be successful etc. etc. Yes, patience is a key element of success, but that doesn't mean it's all success. Before we define patience, we need to understand both sides. One is bad and one is good. Suppose we have started a new business which, as we all know, takes a long time to grow.And we must continue our efforts. Then we need a lot of patience and if we fail with one or two projects of it, we also need patience. This is a good way to use the patience level. But let's suppose the same business keeps failing and we still remember to keep calm and be patient. This is an abuse of patience.Because during this time we have to change our business, we are not made for that. If we expect something good to happen automatically, then we are stupid. This time we don't need patience, but many people add that patience in the wrong way and then slowly lose it all. That

moment where is definition of patience to be successful? Just like if you have patience, you can be successful in any field.This is wrong thinking.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but if the weakness is something that doesn't harm you or your work, then why make it your strength? Yes, we can definitely test it continuously, but due to other guidelines, do not try to make it your strong point. We should

definitely try, but we shouldn't make it our greatest weakness. Because when we touch our weakness, sometimes it can become our strength, but SOMETIMES it becomes our greatest weakness. So don't worry if you have any weaknesses, and it's okay if you can't change them.We are all imperfect in one way or another. So keep trying, but never let weakness frustrate you. You are unique and have your own strengths, so focus on your strengths, keep trying weaknesses without hesitation and keep shining in your life.

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