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Population Explosion Essay

A sudden increase in the number of people in a species is known as a population explosion. The term is utilized to allude to the world's human populace. Because the increase in population causes poverty and illiteracy, the population explosion in India has become a serious issue. Given the country's rapid population growth, managing the economy is challenging in this circumstance. Numerous states have enacted laws to address the issue of population growth, and the Indian government is currently conducting a thorough investigation.

Primary Factors in the Expansion of the Population: The high birth rate is one of the primary factors contributing to population growth. India's birth rate decreased from 45.8 per thousand people in 1891 to 1990, but it is still considered high. Consequently, despite the introduction of family planning laws, campaigns, and other measures, India's birth rate has not decreased.

2. Decrease in the Death Rate In recent years, another factor that has contributed to the rapid growth of the population is the decline in the death rate. India had a death rate of approximately 8.5 per thousand people in 2001. Medical advancements have resulted in a decline in the death rate. For instance, constant illnesses like typhoid, chickenpox, and so on., are no longer terrifying. Indeed, even the baby death rate has diminished due to appropriate disinfection offices, tidiness, and better pre-birth and post pregnancy care.

3. Early Marriage Early marriage is also a major contributor to the rapid population growth. When compared to other nations, where the average age of marriage for a girl is between 23 and 25 years old, India's marriage age for girls is only 18. It causes the reproductive cycle to last longer.

4. Reasons related to religion and society In India, marriage is regarded as a necessary social institution, and everyone should get married. In a joint family, everyone shares equal responsibility and has access to the same amount of consumption. As a result, individuals do not hesitate to form joint families. In India, the majority of people believe that only one male child is required, so they increase their family size in anticipation of having a male child.

5. Poverty is another major factor contributing to the population explosion. Children typically become the family's primary source of income. Children begin working for their families rather than attending school from a young age and become a valuable family asset. As a result, each individual contributes financially to the family and provides additional income.

6. Way of life

It is seen that individuals with a low expectation for everyday comforts wish to have extra kids as it will be a resource for them instead of a responsibility. We are aware that the majority of India's population lacks education, so they are unaware of the significance of family planning. They are ignorant that they can partake in a superior personal satisfaction with a little family.

7. In India, 60% of the population is either illiterate or has very little education, which makes it hard to find work. In this way, because of the great lack of education rate and faith in friendly traditions, kid marriage inclination for a male youngster actually win. India's population is expanding at a rapid rate as a result.

Effects of the Growing Population The Problem of Unemployment An enormous army of the labor force results from an increase in population. However, due to a lack of capital resources, it is difficult to employ such a large workforce. India's fundamental characteristics include open unemployment in urban areas and disguised unemployment in rural areas.

2. Land Under More Pressure Overpopulation puts more pressure on the land. The country's economic growth suffers as a result. On the one hand, the amount of land available per person continues to decrease, and on the other, the issue of holdings being divided up and broken up grows.

3. Degradation of the Environment Excessive use of natural resources and the production of energy from oil, natural gas, and coal have a negative impact on the environment. An expansion in populace likewise prompts deforestation, which straightforwardly influences the climate, and it additionally corrupts the dirt's healthy benefit and causes avalanches and a dangerous atmospheric devation.


In this way, finally, we can wrap up the exposition by expressing that overpopulation is viewed as perhaps of the greatest test mankind faces.

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Questions Frequently Asked About The Population Explosion Essay: Q1: How Can It Be Controlled?

The general public should be reached by campaigns to raise awareness about childbirth control and the time gap between children. It is important to take such drives to keep the number of inhabitants in a nation in charge.


Which nation has the most noteworthy populace?

The total population of China is approximately 1.448 billion people.


How is the more youthful age impacted because of this populace blast?

Due to a country's explosive population growth, resources intended solely for the younger generation are divided.

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