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Procrastination is the main reason for failure

Procrastination means unnecessary delay. We can do it in that particular moment, but we can't do

it because we've been like, "Whatever happens, i will be face that problem." It means we are too confident to face the problem but when it comes we used to say time is up now so we can't do anything about this problem and feel depressed. When it came we feel hesitated.

Procrastination is very harmful when it is our habit. Most problems and failures are due to procrastination. We always want to be successful and we want a happy life, but often we can't do anything special because of faith in TOMORROW. But we must understand that if you don't support what you have today, tomorrow will never support you. We cannot change the past and cannot predict the future, but we have the PRESENT in our hands, so why delay some or more work? But the thing is, while we're delaying that time we know we're doing it wrong but they still call you a procrastination gut. So, here in this blog, let's try to understand The Effects and some of its solutions.

*Effects of Procrastination* 1. Failures at work or study :- When we procrastinate for other things that could be good, besides our work and study, while we are procrastinating, the situation becomes so difficult. When we talk about work and studies separately, sometimes we miss many chances of success due to delays and in studies when we feel we are behind, especially in exams or project presentations, we used to say I'll do it tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow. and it will last until the last date And then we regret.

2. Regret or Demotivation: - Regret It means that we have lost something and now we want to get it back. It may be the time, person or anything. We often hear "if we lose something, its value is known". This is regret. Demotivation is the master key to procrastination. Sometimes we feel down and we also use this time to delay something important. 3.Irritation – Every time we delay something and then have to do that task immediately, we feel so irritated. Then we finish that task, but we cannot be happy. Because of procrastination, we will never be happy or understand the meaning of time and life. These three are very basic points, but if we describe them psychologically, then it caused our sanity. Irritability, frustration, anger, demotivation, fear, etc.All negative thoughts come from procrastination. And there are no such medicine for this. So let's try to solve this problem.

What steps can we follow and reduce the level of procrastination? 1. Understand the value of time:- When we feel that we only have this time and date to complete this work because we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Time never comes back once it's gone. Tomorrow I might not be there to complete this task.So let's wrap it up today. We have to keep convincing ourselves that only at a certain point in time will we understand the true meaning of the present time. It can be hard to convince every time, but we should at least try before is delayed. 2. Inner Gratitude or Motivation:- We find motivation or satisfaction in videos, some celebrities, some books, etc.But if inner gratitude means having a sense of gratitude for this life, then over time we will never go wrong. If we have internal motivation based on past achievements or future goals, we will not delay any work either. So we have to be motivated.

3. Set a goal:- If you have a clear idea of ​​your goal, you will never feel like you procrastinate unnecessarily.The goal is the things that never leave you because while you are sleeping that dream also comes and automatically motivates you to achieve it. So dreams/goals are the BEST medicine to stop procrastination. 4. Habit: - When you're habituated to something, it's very difficult to get rid of that feeling. If you're in the habit of procrastinating, practice these 3 points every time before you procrastinate.If you can keep up with these 3 points, it will slowly become a habit, so you can Delay the delays feeling. I hope this blog is helpful to understand the main reason for our failure !

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