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Rampal is a religious figurehead from India who belongs to the Kabir Panth religious dominance.

According to "Sant" Rampal adherents, celebrations of Chhat Puja are in violation of the scriptures, and the Gita forbids fasting: Details Rampal is a religious figurehead from India who belongs to the Kabir Panth religious dominance. He is a devotee of Swami Ramdevanand, a Garib Das Panth Hindu saint and local seer; Rampal quit his job as a junior engineer when Swami Ramdevanand selected him as his successor in 1994.

On social media, devotees of "Sant" Rampal have stated that the celebration of Chhat Puja is against the scriptures and that the Bhagavad Gita forbids fasting. For the murder of four women, Rampal, who goes by the name Sant Rampal ji Maharaj, is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Chhat Puja, according to Rampal's devotees, is a "Sadhna against scripture" and an "arbitrary practice" against the same. They have also promoted their absurd claims about Chhat Puja by relying on baffling assertions regarding the Gita.

They say that the Bhagavad Gita's shloka 16 (the sixth adhyay) says that fasting makes sure that a person's bhakti is pointless.

Additionally, they assert that Chhat Puja is unable to guarantee salvation from the cycle of life and death.

Some have even stated that Chhat Puja is in opposition to the Bhagavad Gita. They claim that only worshiping the "supreme god" Kabir is beneficial.

Others suggested that in order to escape the cycle of life and death, people should seek refuge in Sant Ram.

Additionally, devotees of Sant Rampal have successfully established a connection between Kabir and the verses 1-4 of Chapter 15 of the Gita.

Propaganda that is anti-Chhat Puja and pro-Rampal is also promoted by verified accounts that have hundreds or even thousands of followers.

Who is the Maharaj of Sant Rampal ji?

Rampalians hold that Rampal was the last prophet and that Kabir is the real Allah. God sends prophets to set an example of how to be a good human being. Most people consider Prophet Muhammad to be Islam's last prophet. Muslims hold the belief that God directly revealed the Quran, their holy book.

According to Rampal's website, Muslims have held the belief that "Kaazis and Mullahs" have narrated the Quran Sharif for ages. Rampal asserts that Muslims lack proper comprehension of the Quran. Rampal asserts that Kabir, the "complete God," is actually Allah. He cites a number of Ayats that "prove" that Allah is Kabir alone. He asserts that Kabir is actually the "Allah" in Allahu Akbar.

Rampal claims that Allah Kabir showed Prophet Muhammad the "Satlok" because he was a "pious man." Allah Kabir also met Taimur Lang, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, and "blessed" him, turning him from a poor shepherd into a "great conqueror." Rampal also says that after Sikander Lodhi was burned, Allah Kabir blessed him. Lodhi claims that after being healed, he became a follower of Allah Kabir because only he was deserving of worship.

Questions about Sant Rampal:

How can worship lead to moksh?

The widespread perception is that Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj forbids the worship of deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, and Durga.

Can God eliminate karma and sins?

Saints and rishis generally agree that God cannot forgive our transgressions. They're all of the opinion that we have to bear it.

How and why is smoking a hindrance to attaining God?

Tobacco use has been referred to as both the greatest sin and the greatest obstacle to achieving God. It is highly sinful to even offer tobacco to someone else.

Can Guru be changed?

Dharamdas was one of Kabir Sahib's students. Dharmdas once asked God Kabir a question while they were conversing. Dharmdas' question: "O Lord, can one change guru?" I've been told.

Why do people believe in gods and why? Is there any evidence that God exists? Who has ever seen God? Where did we originate? What happens to us after we die? These are a few inquiries.

Who is God, how does he look, and How do Holy Scriptures identify?

The most fundamental inquiry that every person has is, "Who is God?" Modern sages, saints, Mahants, Kazis, Mullahs, and priests cannot provide an answer to this pervasive question.

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