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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was one of the successful barristers of that time. Also, he took an active part in the Indian freedom struggle. Furthermore, he worked with Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and various other freedom fighters. He does this to drive out the Britishers from the country.

Education and Career of Sardar Vallabhai Patel

In childhood, every one among his family and friends circle regards him as an unambitious child. But, he secretly has a dream of becoming a barrister. Furthermore, after completing his matric level education he furthered his dream and started studying the law.

Besides, he stays away from his family so that he can dedicate himself completely to his studies to fulfill his dream. After some time he completed his studies and become a lawyer and started practicing law.

But, he was not satisfied and want to climb the ladder of success. So, he plans to study further and travels to England to study law further and become a barrister. Moreover, things go as plan and his papers arrived. But, Patel’s elder brother also has a dream to study further in England and convinced him to let him go instead of him.

As both the brother have the same initials and his brother can use the same documents to travel and study in England. So, Patel let his brother travel to England in his place as he could not deny his request.

After that, he continued his practice and applied for the course again and finally get the chance to fulfill his dream at 36 years of age. Besides, it was a 36 months course but he completed it in just 30 months. After that, he returned to India as a barrister.

After his return, he settled in Ahmadabad and became the most successful barrister there. Besides, Patel wanted to earn good for his family as he wishes to provide top-class education to his children and he continually worked in this direction

Sardar Vallabhai Patel – Iron Man of India

The life journey of Sardar Patel is inspiring to all. Moreover, he worked against all odds to achieve his goals without much support and guidance from his family. Also, he helped his brother to achieve his goal and took great care of his family and always motivated and supported his children in all phases of life.

Most noteworthy, he played a crucial role in bringing the people of the country together to fight for the Independence of the nation. Furthermore, his aura was so strong that he was able to unite the people of the country against a common cause without much bloodshed.

That’s why we refer to him as the iron man of India. In addition, he takes part in the various freedom struggle and also inspired others around him to join the same. Besides, he had good leadership qualities and led several movements successfully. And eventually, he was given the title of the Sardar (Chief or leader).

To conclude, we can say that the efforts of Sardar Patel to achieve his goal and the effort he put in that direction are truly inspiring. Also, he is an inspiration to not only the people of that era but also to the youth of today. Besides, in true sense, he is a self-made man.

FAQs about Essay on Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

Q.1 What is the name of Sardar Patel’s parents?

A.1 His mother’s name was Laad Bai and his father’s name was Jhaver Bhai Patel.

Q.2 Which monument is made to honor Sardar Patel?

A.2 The government of India recently made the ‘S

tatue of Unity’ to honor Sardar Patel.

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