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The Big Garden Birdwatch

The Big Garden Birdwatch is an annual event organized by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in the United Kingdom. It encourages people of all ages to spend an hour counting the birds they see in their gardens, parks, or other outdoor spaces and submit their findings to the RSPB.

History: The Big Garden Birdwatch began in 1979 as a way to monitor the populations of garden birds in the UK. It has since grown into one of the largest citizen science projects in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people participating each year.

Significance: The data collected during the Big Garden Birdwatch helps scientists track changes in bird populations over time and identify trends that may indicate threats to bird species or changes in their habitats. It also raises awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and the role that individuals can play in protecting biodiversity.

Observance: The Big Garden Birdwatch typically takes place over a weekend in late January, with participants asked to count the birds they see in their gardens or local green spaces for one hour. They then submit their results online or by mail to the RSPB, which compiles the data and uses it for research and conservation efforts.

Wishing: You can wish someone participating in the Big Garden Birdwatch a happy birdwatching day and encourage them to enjoy spending time outdoors observing the birds in their area. It's a great opportunity to connect with nature and contribute to important conservation efforts.

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