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The Combined University Admission Test (CUET)

The Combined University Admission Test (CUET) is a standardized test administered in Bangladesh for admission to undergraduate engineering programs in public universities. Established in 2003, CUET aims to assess the academic aptitude, analytical skills, and subject knowledge of candidates seeking admission to engineering disciplines.

**Key Points:**

1. **Administration:** CUET is conducted by the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) on behalf of various public universities offering engineering programs.

2. **Eligibility:** To be eligible to sit for CUET, candidates must have completed higher secondary education (HSC) or equivalent examinations with the required qualifications in relevant subjects, typically including mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

3. **Subjects:** The test usually covers subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English, assessing candidates' proficiency in these areas.

4. **Format:** CUET typically consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and written or descriptive questions, depending on the specific requirements of the university and the engineering discipline.

5. **Scoring:** Each section of the test is scored separately, and candidates' overall performance is evaluated based on their scores in each section.

6. **Admission:** Admission to undergraduate engineering programs in participating universities is based on candidates' performance in CUET, along with other criteria such as academic records and quota allocations.


1. **Fair Assessment:** CUET provides a standardized and transparent mechanism for assessing candidates' academic abilities and suitability for admission to engineering programs, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all applicants.

2. **Quality Assurance:** By evaluating candidates' subject knowledge and analytical skills, CUET helps universities maintain academic standards and ensure that admitted students have the necessary foundation to succeed in their engineering studies.

3. **Access to Higher Education:** CUET opens doors to higher education and career opportunities in engineering for talented students across Bangladesh, regardless of their socioeconomic background or geographic location.

Overall, CUET plays a crucial role in the admission process for undergraduate engineering programs in Bangladesh, helping universities select candidates who demonstrate the academic potential and aptitude required for success in the field of engineering.

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