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The Concept Of Spread Goodness & Spread Happiness

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Let's assume we have two incense sticks(agarbattis) in front of us. One for religious purposes and the other one to save our life from mosquitoes.

Both of them will work perfectly when we ignite them. Thus the concept of GOODNESS here is one incense stick is spreading good vibes and the other one is shielding us from mosquitoes and it means directly or indirectly both of the incense sticks are helpful.

But we are giving priority to the first incense stick because it's safe for everyone and another agarbatti is dangerous for mosquitoes so we are just using it not giving priority.

In Goodness many times you feel you are not getting that much priority what you deserved. You are burning yourself for others and they just use you. But that time we have to think like the second agarbatti like

if we can save people through our deeds if we can able to help people through our lives and if we can do anything in this world then why we can't? That is why many examples are there in front of us of how to Spread Goodness Spread Happiness!

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