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The Day of the Seafarer falls on June 25, so get ready to set sail.

The Day of the Seafarer falls on June 25, so get ready to set sail. This is a day for seafarers of all stripes, including captains of cruise ships, marine biologists, fisherman, and members of the Coast Guard. This day is dedicated to you if your job involves a lot of salt water. Around 3200 BCE, the Egyptian pharaoh Snefru funded the first known sea voyage, which also included the construction of at least three pyramids during his time in power. Since shipping goods by sea is still the most cost-effective method, more than 90% of global trade happens today. People from all walks of life continue to go to the sea to explore the planet, and marine biologists and oceanographers from every nation have dedicated their lives to learning more about the ocean's depths.

International Seafarer Day: 3200 B.C. A'right, I'm Off The Egyptian pharaoh Snefru helped make the first recorded sea voyage.

The resolution establishing the Day of the Seafarer is adopted at the Conference of Parties to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) in June 2010.

First Celebration in 2011 The Day of the Seafarer is first celebrated.

The Year's Theme for 2020 is "Our Seafaring Future," which serves as the campaign's theme.

INTERNAL DAY OF THE SEAFARER ACTIVITIES: Go to your local Coast Guard outpost If you live near one, you might want to stop by. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to learn more about the Coast Guard's work but also to express gratitude to them for their outstanding performance. In that circumstance, baked goods rarely work.) You can always give money online if you don't live near a Coast Guard outpost.

Watch a movie or read a book about life at sea: Although Titanic is a classic, it might be time to explore lesser-known tales. Maritime stories are always full of drama, whether it's high-stakes adventures like The Finest Hours or Treasure Island or heartbreaking disaster tales like The Perfect Storm or The Poseidon Adventure. Also, isn't it about time that you watched Jaws once more?

Give to an oceanic cause:-

The Coast Watchman isn't the main association that acknowledges gifts. The Family Support Project offers emotional and practical assistance to the families of seafarers, and Oceana is an international organization devoted to restoring and protecting the world's oceans and the species that live there. There are numerous additional causes; which one would you like to support?

Why We Love International Day of the Sea: Trade by sea is important to the economy. As we mentioned earlier, the vast majority of international trade is done by sea because it costs less and uses less space. The global economy could not continue to function if sea trade were restricted in any way or stopped entirely. To put it another way, those who travel by sea are responsible for our current way of life.

Scientific research is essential to human existence because not only does sea trade account for the majority of the global economy, but the oceans themselves account for approximately 70% of the planet. The ocean is home to more than 1 million distinct species of plants and animals, and researchers believe that up to 9 million of these species have not yet been identified. Thanks to the tireless efforts of thousands of oceanographers and marine biologists who dedicate their lives to studying those watery depths, we now know everything about the ocean.

Seafarers keep us safe: We have two lines of defense when it comes to saving lives at sea. In times of war, we have Navies, and in times of natural disasters, criminal activity, and environmental degradation, we have Coast Guards. Despite its significance, the ocean poses a significant threat to American life, and if these organizations were not in place, humans might be even more at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions: Why is Seafarers Day celebrated?

It is celebrated on June 25 each year to honor sailors and seafarers who help the world function through sea transport.

Why does June 25 commemorate seafarers?

On June 25 each year, the "Day of the Seafarer" is observed to recognize the significant contribution that seafarers make to global trade and the economy, frequently at great personal cost to themselves and their families.

Who observes the Seafarer's Day?

The United Nations now includes the Day of the Seafarer on its annual calendar. All parties involved, including governments, shipping organizations, businesses, shipowners, and others, are invited to promote and celebrate the Day in an appropriate and meaningful way.

The Day of the Seafarer began when?

On International Day of the Seafarer, which falls on June 25, it is time to honor and appreciate the invaluable contributions made by seafarers all over the world! Since 2010, this day has been observed to raise awareness of the significance of seafarers to global commerce.

What is Maritime Day's background?

On April 5 of each year, India celebrates National Maritime Day, a significant event. The first Indian-owned steamship, the SS Loyalty, made its maiden voyage from Bombay to London on this day in 1919.

Who is known as a seafarer?

A seafarer is someone who is employed to serve aboard any kind of marine vessel, so that's how you can put it. This is usually used to describe active seafaring workers, but it can also be used to describe someone who has worked in the industry for a long time.

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