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The Emotions

We always wants to be happy but when we are happy that phase is also irritating. Sometimes we don't know what is the true meaning of Emotions. Here in these blog we will understand the true meaning of Emotions and in which situation how to react? Read on to know more :

1) Happiness:- Most of the time we smile because we achieve something or something good happen to us or we meet someone good etc. But all these things is temporary happiness but when we enjoy every moment of time then it’s our permanent happiness. We should know the difference between temporary happiness and permanent happiness. One smile can change our day. We have to understand that happiness is more important than tensions.

2. Feeling Of Gratitude:- Gratitude means something we appreciate and feel blessed to have that thing. Be grateful of what you have because many people don't live like us. Gratitude is the reflection of Goodness and humanity. It keeps a person grounded.

It's a great philosophy to live by 'Never forget what others have done for you and never remember what you have done for others'.

3. Laziness :- It means we wants to do something but we can't do it because of Laziness. Sometimes that feeling of being lazy is okay but in future that will be troubling for you. When our work is delayed the consequence can result into irritation on ourselves.

4. Anger :- Whenever we are angry that very moment of time anger burn inside you. Anger grow when we

experience a particular emotions like fear, when we lost someone or sadness because these feelings are

those you cannot control. This feelings subconsciously convert into anger. When we are angry it hurts us

so much and you mess up with

everything and everyone.

5. Motivation:- Motivation is something that is Temporary feelings. Like once you read motivational lines, quotes and watch videos all these are temporary feelings but the real motivation start when we feel that what we think, what we do makes you happy these are real

things for motivation. If you cannot feel what you want and what you do then it is not motivating you. The real motivation is our inner way, Be yourself!!

Hope these blog will help you about what is the true meaning of emotions. Our all kind of emotions are true color of life and without it we can't enjoy !

In next blog what you want from us? You can leave a reply on comment section. Spread Goodness (thank you) !

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