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The future of online education in India

We have learned many things in this pandemic. Most importantly, during the pandemic, we realized that anyone can do anything from anywhere. The location isn't important, but the hard work and dedication is the most important thing. Especially online education in India is a very new concept of this pandemic. So the future of online education in India is much brighter than today.

In the future, the reach of distance learning will definitely increase as some people from other countries are also offering online education in India. There are also many benefits of online learning. In the future, everything will be available in soft copies. Students can easily take snapshots or take chapter notes. Everything will be very easy through online platforms.Coins have two sides. So there are some downsides here too.

Later people will forget how to write in a book. Because there is a big difference between typing and writing. For online education, some people cannot afford mobile phones or laptops.The

number spaces get bigger and the eyes get darker. You have to deal with health problems like headaches, frustration, back pain, etc. But somewhere online learning is much better than offline. Because they can save their time for hobbies or additional activities. They don't want to carry a bag or anything.There are many universities that offer online platforms, but only paid courses may be offered in the future. There will be a wider range of choices for future educators and the availability of websites will increase. We can't clarify the exact reasoning just yet, but the future of online education will be brighter and more prosperous.

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