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The Mummers Parade

The Mummers Parade is a cherished Philadelphia tradition, held annually on New Year's Day. Here's an overview of its history, significance, and celebration:


- The Mummers Parade traces its origins to ancient European customs, particularly those associated with the celebration of the winter solstice and the Roman festival of Saturnalia.

- The tradition of mumming, which involves costumed performers engaging in music, dance, and street theater, was brought to America by early European settlers.

- The modern Mummers Parade in Philadelphia has roots dating back to the 17th century, with the first recorded parade taking place in 1901.


- The Mummers Parade features elaborately costumed participants grouped into various clubs or "mummers brigades," each with its own theme, music, and performance style.

- The parade route runs along Broad Street in Philadelphia, attracting thousands of spectators who line the streets to watch the colorful procession.

- Mummers compete for prizes based on criteria such as costume design, musical performance, and overall presentation.


- 1901: The first official Mummers Parade is organized in Philadelphia, drawing inspiration from earlier mumming traditions.

- 1920s-1930s: The Mummers Parade grows in popularity, becoming a major cultural event in Philadelphia with widespread participation and media coverage.

- 2000s-present: The Mummers Parade continues to be a cherished tradition, evolving to reflect changing tastes and sensibilities while preserving its distinctive character and charm.


The Mummers Parade holds significant cultural and historical importance for the city of Philadelphia and its residents. It celebrates community pride, creativity, and camaraderie, bringing people together to ring in the new year with joy and festivity.


- The Mummers Parade kicks off in the morning of New Year's Day, with participants assembling along Broad Street and proceeding southward through the city.

- Spectators line the parade route, cheering on the performers and enjoying the vibrant costumes, music, and dance routines.

- After the parade, festivities continue with indoor performances, parties, and social gatherings hosted by mummers clubs and local establishments throughout Philadelphia.


The Mummers Parade is more than just a parade; it's a beloved tradition that embodies the spirit of community, creativity, and celebration. Year after year, it brings people together to revel in the joy of the season and create lasting memories.

Whether you're a participant or a spectator, the Mummers Parade offers an opportunity to embrace the magic of the moment and experience the rich cultural heritage of Philadelphia in all its colorful splendor.

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