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The Problems Faced By Writers

The Problems Faced By Writers

This topic is very common, at the same time very important and very difficult to explain. We living beings, whether human or creatures, have to deal with problems on a daily basis. There is a no day without problems. We used to say ourselves that we need to focus on our vision, not the circumstances. But it is true? No, we cannot just focus on the vision. These issues keep running in our minds and often we feel suffocated after seeing so many issues at a time.

Here our focus is on The Problems Faced By Writers. So, let's try to understand the problems and solutions. 1. Thinking : - When we are stuck in family problems, health problems or unknown fears of today and tomorrow, it is very difficult to wholeheartedly write good content. Yes, we can definitely write anything in any situation, but that feeling is missing while writing. 2. Typing and writing: - If we want to write something, we have to think twice, where do we have to write? In the book or mobile (laptop)?Because if we write in books, we have to write online again because of the publication. Because typing and writing are both different. That's the main problem.

3. Publishing:- There are now more than a thousand platforms to publish our content. Suppose if we're going to publish a blog or simple daily articles at this point, we also need to think twice about what a good platform is? Where else can people read our articles? Do they give us reviews or not? Etc. While publishing a book, there are also thousands of publishers. We are confused, which publication is good? After they take our money, will they publish our book? Will they answer after taking money? etc. We have many questions, but where can we find the answer and who can we ask? Because most of in our contact is unknown about writing.

4. Promotions: There are several very good writers but they don't get the name and fame due to lack of promotions. We just write down our thoughts and upload them to social platforms as well as some daily challenge groups, but we are still talented and don't get good credit for our writing. A lot of people gave up because they didn't get anything return in their talent. 5. Money: - As we all know very well, while we are studying something or publishing our own book, we have to pay the publishers. There are some free editors out there, but we won't get that much response from them. We don't earn a rupee from our writing and we have to pay for it. This is a big problem for writers. In next blog we will see the solutions.

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