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Thomas Crapper Day

Thomas Crapper Day is a lighthearted observance that celebrates the contributions of Thomas Crapper to the development and popularization of the modern flush toilet. While it's not an official holiday, it's sometimes acknowledged on January 27th. Here's some information about Thomas Crapper and the day named in his honor:

Who was Thomas Crapper?

Thomas Crapper (1836–1910) was a plumber and sanitary engineer from England who made significant advancements in the design and promotion of flush toilets. He founded Thomas Crapper & Co., a plumbing and sanitary engineering company, which became well-known for its high-quality bathroom fixtures.

Contributions to Plumbing:

While Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet (contrary to popular belief), he did make several improvements to its design and functionality. He patented various plumbing-related inventions, including the ballcock mechanism, which is still used in modern toilets to control water flow.

Pop Culture Influence:

The name "Crapper" became synonymous with the toilet, largely due to Thomas Crapper's prominent role in the plumbing industry. The term "crap" as a slang word for excrement is believed to have originated separately, but the association with Crapper's name likely reinforced its usage.

Thomas Crapper Day:

Thomas Crapper Day is a playful observance that pays homage to Thomas Crapper and his contributions to modern plumbing. It's sometimes celebrated with humorous tributes, jokes, or social media posts highlighting the importance of the flush toilet in everyday life.


On Thomas Crapper Day, you might take a moment to appreciate the convenience and sanitation provided by modern plumbing, thanks in part to the innovations of Thomas Crapper and others in the field. It's also an opportunity to share a chuckle or lighthearted anecdote about toilets and plumbing with friends and family.

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