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Tips for Writing English Vocabulary and Speaking

Tips for Writing English Vocabulary and Speaking

Many people studied or studying in a vernacular Language, so changing the tone of voice or understand the different language is a bit difficult, but it's not an impossible task, is it? A lot of people laugh at you when you try to speak or write English, but remember one thing: they're not laughing, they're encouraging you to improve, and that's a very good that people are laughing because of you. Nowadays people are so tense that's difficult to make someone happy. So we spread happiness through our weakness. So here in this blog let's try to improve English speaking or writing.

In order to learn anything in this world, we need four things. See, hear, write and speak. These four points are pillars of success. Let's try to understand each point. 1. Subtitles: - Many people say to watch movies or series in English, but when we watch the movies we don't understand a single word, so we get bored and go back to our favorite things. But if we really want to improve then, we can start with film subtitles. The first time we should watch with subtitles. The same movie the second time without subtitles and the same movie the third time when we watch it, we can really understand it like any other movie. Through this Technique we can learn, remember and explain to others. Watching the same movie over and over may make us feel lazy, but after watching it we feel good about learning. This process also increased our patience level.

2. Keep a diary:- While reading the book, watching the movie or talking to an unknown person who speaks English, they often used different and difficult words. This time we have to write it down and try to recognize it.But we need to remember one thought, if we can't use these words on a daily basis, then we create another dictionary. It means we just collect the words. We have to implement every word, otherwise there is a no use keeping a diary with us. 3. Short Videos: - When we are busy in our schedules, we can watch short videos instead of procrastinating. In fact, short videos are easy to understand. If we can see it once or twice, we can remember it too. If we can share the views of this short video in the comments section or share our experiences with others, that's a very good thing too. We can easily remember even long periods of time.

4. Reading and writing before the end of the day:- We need to be consistent with our daily writing and reading in English. Consistency is the only key to learning or improving anything. We should read at least one or two pages a day and try to write a few lines in English. Sometimes we may feel lazy, but after constant efforts, we can achieve it. 5. Listening to Music:- After doing all the processes, we will learn to watch and write, but hearing someone's point of view is the master key of each person. If we can't listen to other people's feelings then, these 4 points are never good. Again, first listen with subtitles, last time without subtitles, just enjoy the music, because last time we have more experience than the first time.

These are some tips from my side and also from many experts.But the thing is, we have to start. Everything is easy when we are busy!

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