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Traffic Rules

Traffic is a term familiar with the moving vehicles, the overloaded carriages, the four-wheelers, the herd of cattle or a number of other animals at times. Moreover, a crowd of people and pedestrians shape a major element of street traffic. Rules is an official statement of what must or must not be done save us from disorder and messes. Thus, the term “Traffic-Rules” provide systematic and controlled measures that a person needs to take on the road for safely reaching his or her destination.

Key Rules of Traffic (Rules of Safety)

The road rules make certain the saving of lives through desirable modes of behavior on the road. The prime rules are as follows:

For allowing the people on the opposite side to cross safely and also permit the automobile on the backside to go beyond, we need to keep the vehicle to the left.

Keep the vehicle at the left when parting the former road and entering a new one at the instance of taking a left turn.

Bring the vehicle to the center and then twist left at the time of taking a right turn.

Lower the speed of the vehicle at the turnings, where there are a lot of blockages, at the endings of the road, at zebra crossings, on the occasion of overtaking and such other instances.

Compulsorily put on a helmet, not as a condition but to prevent any head injury or any misfortune. The relaxation is provided only to the Sikhs who wore turbans.

Inappropriate Parking is illegal. Parking in close or nearness to the passage of pedestrians, on the main road, where there is overcrowding, in any way causing interference to another vehicle in passing away, at the doorway of any organization, extremely close to the traffic lights and equivalent cases.

We shall use the Horn only at essential circumstances. Horn must be used with care and must not be a cause of noise pollution.

Maintain an adequate distance to avoid a collision. Any clashes can occur between the two vehicles when there is an improper distance in between. The sudden stop of a vehicle in front make the vehicle behind to apply breaks suddenly too. So, it can cause a clash.

We shall not apply breaks all of a sudden. Applying breaks all of a sudden may cause an abrupt stop. The vehicle will get a jerk which can cause injury.

Always follow the police officer’s directions and traffic signals. The police officers and their directions are for our benefit and not to earn money from us. We cannot risk our precious lives by going against these. Thus, we must follow the same.

Be very careful while taking a U-turn. U-Turn can be risky. Never take a U-turn without looking at the traffic behind. Also, not to take one at the disrupted traffic or at the traffic lights. Furthermore, make a U-turn after giving hand signals and not taking at the places prohibited for the same.

Significance of Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are not made by the government for earning money out of them. It is for the protection of the drivers. Driving tests are also conducted to fulfill the same purpose. Knowledge of the traffic signs (the sign of speed limit, no entry, and stop signs) is necessary.

These help in maintaining a moderate speed, not entering the prohibited places and stopping by lowering the speed of the vehicle respectively. Following the rules of the road provide our experience. Thus, it assists in avoiding accidents.

Another important cause to follow traffic rules is that we can protect several other lives too by our responsible driving. The number of cattle dying because of road accidents can be decreased. Also, we will inculcate healthy habits in ourselves. Giving up drinking of alcohol also adds to the measure for safe driving.


We observe a number of accidents taking place each day because of irresponsible driving. Just for saving a little amount of time we don’t even care for our valuable lives. Also, we are prepared to place the life of others in danger too!! Such irresponsible behavior needs to be changed. Traffic Rules teach us to become good and accountable citizens of the motherland.

There is a popular saying” Slow and steady wins the race.” Thus, drive cautiously and reach your destination safely. Only when you will reach safe, you can win time for your family and for the service of the nation at large!

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