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Under Construction Building

Under Construction Building:

When we see the under-construction building we might not aware of how it will turn out to be neither the workers have any idea about it. They do get the instructions on what to do, and how to make the building but they are not aware of whether it would turn out to be good looking or bad. They will think about whether others will like it or not? Will the building fall by flood or any other natural disaster? But in all these questions there is one thing that keeps you going and that is HOPE. When you are working towards your mission everything will work out right if you have good intentions. A few times your mission will look like a mess or useless to you but if you are walking with the hope to succeed then it will become the best mission someday. So, what I am saying here is whatever happens it happens for a reason. It happens to bring out the best in you. Let some people misunderstand you one day you will shut up their faces with your success. Be calm, stay strong and don't forget to Spread Goodness Spread Happiness. If you can't find it be the one to spread it.

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