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What is B-com's full name?

What is B-com's full name?

Full Form of B.Com Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) is the full form of B.Com. B. Com is the most popular undergraduate course in India, and there are a lot of students who want to work in business and accounting every year. B-com is completed after 12th grade. Students in 12th grade must choose between commerce, science, and the arts as their majors, and those who studied commerce always do better in B.Com.

Basic information about B-com: 1. Bachelor of Commerce is the full name of the program; 2. Bachelor of Com is a graduate program; 3. Bachelor of Com is three years long; 4. Bachelor of Com is eligible with a 12th grade pass; 5. Bachelor of Com course fees vary by type of college, but typically range from INR 20,000 to 70,000; 6. Bachelor of Com examination type is semester pattern; and 7. Bachelor of Com admission is based on 12th grade score. private colleges with direct admissions.

Course syllabus for B.Com. The majority of universities offer the same courses. However, the university may make a few minor adjustments to the syllabus. The subjects covered in the B.Com. are as follows: degree program

A.Maths B.1st Semester Accounts Economics Maths or Computer Business Communication Computer Applications and IT Environment and Public Health English Second Language C.2nd Semester Accounts Economics Maths Computers Management General Awareness 1&2 D.3rd Semester Indian Economy Income Tax Laws Banking and Insurance Corporate Accounting – I Microeconomics – I Financial Markets & Institutions E.4th Semester Overheads SPL Corporate Accounting – II Elements of Company Law – II Basics of Cost Accounting Labor Ma in B.Com. Economics in B.Com. Marketing. in B.Com. Tourism and Travel Management. B.Com. with honors B.Com. in Banking and Insurance in B.Com. Taxation. in Law, Business B.Com. in Accounting and Finance in Human Capital

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