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What is ICSE's full name?

What is ICSE's full name?

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) in its full form is called the ICSE Board Full Form.

1. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is abbreviated as ICSE.

2. The ICSE board was established to provide an English-language examination of general education in accordance with the 1986 Education Policy.

full version of ICSE About ICSE Board The syllabus for ICSE is a little bit higher than that of CBSE and other state boards, so students in class 10 will read almost 10% to 15% more chapters than on other boards.

The subjects offered by ICSE are divided into three categories. I, II, and III parts. The subjects for classes 9 and 10 that are divided into groups are listed below.

Group 1 (common subjects): English as a Second Language History/Civics & Geography Science Application Group 2 (any two or three subjects): Commercial Studies Mathematics Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) Economics Environmental Science A Modern Foreign Language A Classical Language Group 3 (any one subject): Computer applications Carnatic Music Instrumental Music Physical Education Economic applications Commercial Applications Mass media and communication Modern foreign language Environmental Applications Cookery Performing Arts Technical drawing Drama Art Dance Yoga Hindustan Music ICSE Board Class

I GROUPE: English 80% 20% A Second Language (one or two) 80% 20% History, Civics, and Geography 80% 20% GROUP II: Mathematics 80% 20% Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) 80% 20% Economics 80% 20% Commercial Studies 80% 20% A Modern Foreign Language 80% 20% A Classical Language 80% 20% Environmental Science 80% 20% Group III: Any one of the following subjects: computer applications 50%, economic applications 50%, commercial applications 50%, performing arts 50%, home science 50%, cooking 50%, fashion design 50%, physical education 50%, yoga 50%, technical drawing applications 50%, environmental applications 50%, a modern foreign language 50%, or the difference between CBSE and ICSE CBSE is a more recent examination than ICSE. Students will have access to a greater number of chapters on the ICSE board than they will on CBSE due to the board's slightly higher syllabus. The most significant advantage of the CBSE board is that the majority of competitive entrance exam syllabuses and recommended books are NCERT.

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