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What is NCERT's full name?

What is NCERT's full name?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training is the full name of NCERT. NCERT was established in 1961 as a literary, scientific, and charitable society under the Societies' Registration Act. It is an independent organization of the Indian government. New Delhi serves as the headquarters of the company.

full form of NCERT Basic information about NCERT The organization's name is National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It was founded by the government of India on July 27, 1961, and began operating on September 1, 1961. Its nature is autonomous, and its director is Dr. Hrushikesh Senapaty's official website is at His address is Sri Aurobindo Marg, Delhi, India. No: +91-11-26562188

Ph. No: +91-11-26592280 NCERT Units The primary NCERT units, which are spread out across the country, are as follows:

1. The National Institute of Education (NIE) in New Delhi; 2. The Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) in New Delhi; 3. The Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE) in Bhopal; 4. The Regional Institute of Education (RIE) in Ajmer; 5. The Regional Institute of Education (RIE) in Bhopal; 6. The Regional Institute of Education (RIE) in Bhubaneswar; 7. The Regional Institute of Education (RIE) in Mysor conduct, promote, and coordinate research in education-related fields; develops educational kits, multimedia digital materials, and publishes model textbooks, additional materials, newsletters, and journals.

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